13 May 2020-14 May 2020|Lucknow

2 Days FDP on “Role of health care professionals in combating COVID-19 pandemic”

Presently, COVID-19 pandemic has incontestably, arose as a scary challenge for each one, all over the world. While healthcare professionals across the world are presenting exemplary resilience and passion in dealing with this demanding mission, it is time to decipher few instructions and trainings which can escort them to deal this COVID-19 pandemic smartly with multiple accountabilities. Hence, the main objectives of this program were to educate and aware the audience to how to respond to an outbreak effectively by describing priority steps and actions to be included in their preparedness and response plans to handle this crisis. The major focus was also to make the online assembly of faculties, recognize the gaps in their acquaintance and the steps being taken, to better understand and respond to COVID-19 pandemic.

The program got started with the welcome address of convener of the event, Prof. (Dr.) Suneela Dhaneshwar, Director AIP, at 10.00 am on 13th May, 2020. Following that, there were six different sessions, three on each day of the FDP. Distinguished pharma professionals from several astounding pharma companies, research organizations and academic institutions decked the program with their philanthropic allure and refined the online assembly with their precious insight to augment the faculties from within and outside Amity. On the first day of the event, on 13.5.2020, Dr. Jaydeep Sinha (Postdoctoral Researcher in Clinical Pharmacology and Micrometrics, North Carolina University), spoke on the applications of pharmacometrics in drug development and clinical practice with special reference to the drugs presently being repurposed against COVID-19. Following that, convener of the event, Prof. (Dr.) Suneela Dhaneshwar, discussed on the repurposing of existing drugs to fight against COVID-19. At the end session of the first day of the FDP, Dr. Rashmi Panda (Deputy General Manager Formulation & Development, Mankind Research Centre, IIMT, Manesar), spoke on the role of healthcare professionals and medicine companies in handling national medical emergencies with special reference to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. The second day of the event (14.5.2020) get started with an informative session of Dr. Akhlesh K. Jain, (Assistant Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guru Ghasidas Central University Bilaspur) on Role of formulation scientist in combating COVID-19”. Followed by him, Dr. Kamal Sachdev (Head of the Department, Kayachikitsa State Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Lucknow), shared his views on post lockdown lifestyle changes during this COVID-19 crisis. Mr. Sahil Sharma (Senior Medical Writer, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai), discussed on Pharmacovigilance aspects of pharmaceuticals for combating COVID-19” during the last session of this event. Almost 265 faculty members, from several states of the country participated in this event. The event came to an end with a short feedback session, where several participants were provided a vindicated chance to exchange their views on several prospective of the online faculty development program. Finally, convener of the event, Prof. (Dr.) Suneela Dhaneshwar, offered the vote of thanks and legitimately padlocked the two-days faculty development program.