12 May 2020|Lucknow

WEBINAR on “Role of Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development”

 Amity Institute of Pharmacy under the aegis of Amity University Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Campus organized a webinar on “Role of Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development” by Dr Rama Sivasubramanian, Clinical Head, Novartis, Hyderabad

Drug Development is a multistep process that includes discovery, preclinical research, translational research and Clinical research. All through these processes the drug is tested for efficacy and safety in order to set the therapeutic index.  Drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics is a critical to determine both efficacy and safety of the drug. The characterization of biopharmaceutical properties along with the physiochemical properties forms the integral part of the discovery phase. In the preclinical phase, DMPK is used to screen compounds for efficacy, safety and feasibility to take the lead forward. Translational research helps in deciding the dose and dosing regimen. In addition, studies for drug drug interactions, safety issues such as QTc prolongation and special populations are conducted. During the clinical phase, DMPK helps understanding the variability in various patient populations. In summary, DMPK plays a critical role throughout the drug development process.  This webinar will provide examples from the drug label to explain the role of DMPK in Drug Development. The event was attended by 224 participants from academia, industry and research institutes Pan-India.


The webinar was extremely useful for the PG students as it gave an overview of the importance of DMPK studies in clinical set up in drug development & discovery process in an industry thus providing the exposure to students of the priority areas in which industry is presently working and recent trends and challenges therein.

 Webinar was useful for faculty researching in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics, helping them to understand the protocols followed at industry for any product approval.

Dr Rama has happily agreed to conduct a 2 day workshop on Pharmacokinetics, DMPK softwares and clinical aspects  for our students & faculty after  the campus reopens.  She has agreed to connect us with their HR of Novartis for campus recruitment for our students.