Infrastructure & Facilities

Amity Institute of Pharmacy is a premier academic and research institute with world-class infrastructure and facilities that follow the norms laid down by the Pharmacy Council of India.The institute has a rigorous academic curriculum backed by best international practices. The institute’s infrastructure helps in training the students and enhances knowledge in an ambience that stimulates growth and excellence.

The institute focuses on the integration of science and technology in the areas of Drug Research, Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery, Healthcare products and Manufacturing and Herbal Healthcare Products.

The institute’s laboratories are well-equipped with sophisticated instruments and equipment, creating a very conducive atmosphere for practicals and research. HPLC, UV-Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Polarimeter, Abbe’s refractometer, Rotavac, Semi-autoanalyzer, Dissolution Test Apparatus USP, Ultra-centrifuge, BOD, Brookfield’s Viscometer, Digital Balances, Digital Plethysmometer, Analgesiometer, Rotarod, Y Maze, Morris Water Maze, Elevated Plus Maze, Deionizers, Tablet Punching Machine, Tablet Coating Machine, Friability Tester, Tablet Disintegrator, Laminar Flow, Spray Dryer, RT-PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Elisa, optical and confocal microscopes are the important instruments and equipment that have created a very enriched atmosphere for quality research.

We have a CPCSEA-approved Animal House that houses rats, mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits. The Institutional Animal Ethical Committee ensures that all protocols utilised for animal experimentation have been approved by them and are as per their norms.

The Herbal Garden is situated in the famous Mango Groove of our campus and has a collection of more than 80 plants of medicinal importance, some of which are very rare.

Following is a list of major research laboratories at AIP:

Pharmacology Lab

Anatomy & Physiology Lab

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Medicinal Chemistry Lab

Machine Room

Pharmaceutics Lab (General Pharmacy)

Pharmaceutics Lab (Pharmaceutical Technology)

Pharmacognosy Lab

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

Central Instrumentation Room

CPCSEA- approved Animal House 

Medicinal Plant Garden