Programmes Offered

Pharmacy is a versatile, dynamic, growing, and increasingly diverse profession full with various opportunities. It is an age old profession which has transformed into a hub for ‘global healthcare’ and evolved as a multidisciplinary and multifaceted field in recent times. With the phenomenal advances in the pharmaceutical industry, the health sector has thrown open a sea of opportunities for pharmacy professionals.

Pharmacists work in a wide variety of health care settings: in the pharmaceutical industry (carrying out a wide range of activities – like research and development, testing, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, quality assurance and so on; in practice settings - (hospital and community medicine i.e. retail pharmacy); in academics, regulatory affairs and clinical research (CROs).

Pharmacists are health care professionals whose professional responsibilities include seeking to ensure that people derive maximum therapeutic benefit from their treatments with medicines. This requires students to keep abreast of developments and advances in knowledge and technology related to drug manufacture as well as use of medicines, professional standard requirements, laws governing pharmacy among others.

Following is a list of academic courses offered by Amity Institute of Pharmacy: