A Formula-1 car named Amity Motorsport was designed by few Mechanical Engineering students and was showcased in Formula Bharat 2016 engineering design competition. The prestigious event was held at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida.

An energy efficient, hybrid, human powered, three wheeled electric vehicle called Efficycle was designed and developed by ASET students. It was recognised by all for its ergonomic and aerodynamic design and superior safety.

Mohammad Nayad, Ayush Sarraf and Muheet Tariq - students of B. Tech (MAE) of ASE designed a platform that can fabricate material handling and also facilitate permanent machine mounting on it.

Abhay Sharma, a B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) student, developed an ingenious device called ANIDERS or 'Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent System' which will ameliorate the lives of farmers by protecting their crops from wild animals without causing any harm to the latter.

Nikit Gupta lead a team of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) students to develop a Go-Kart type of vehicle using the engine of a 125 cc Scooter. They also participated with their invention in the Formula Kart design challenge held in Bengaluru.

Shubham Pandey, Deepak Ojha, Rajesh Roushan and Mukesh Bagadwal - students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) - designed an innovative device for water harvesting via dewing. It is a simple, low cost and eco-friendly method of condensing moist air to obtain portable water.

Aklavya, Shanky, Ishaan and Gaurav Singh - students of B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) - developed a solution to help the cause of differently abled persons. They designed a transportation vehicle that will be especially convenient for the mobility of people with crippled legs.

Vishal Sharma and Himanshu Singh - students of B. Tech (ECE) - designed a wireless powered wheel chair that can be controlled with the usage of tongue. It is designed to detect, classify and interpret the user's voluntary tongue signals into control command. The device will help people with severe disability to have effective access and environment control.

Nitin Joshi, Bharat Taneja, Sajal Pandey and Agnivesh Kr. Singh, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), designed a device for transferring of motion from one shaft to another which may be coplanar and non-parallel or even kept at 90 degree apart using gearless transmission system.

Ashi Agarwal of B.Tech (ECE) developed a highly advanced Computer-aided Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) detection system that is built on the principle of classification of bright and red lesions from the fundus images of the eye.

Gaurab Das, Hamid Nisar, Rishabh Kalyan and Prafful Bisht, students of B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), have developed an integrated security solution for power plants and sub-stations that will lead to reduction of manpower and allied cost incurred on the account of their safety and protection. The prototype developed consists of a quadcopter which has multiple sensors on board with an efficient camera module that transmits live video feeds and other data.

Rupesh Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Mamoon Azam and Abhishek Raghav, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) developed a multi-functional and utility machine that can perform diverse operations like grinding, cutting and drilling.

Raghav Mahendru of B.Tech (CSE) developed an IoT based wireless sensor framework which monitors the quality of air at a particular location. The device acts as a warning system in case of fluctuations in air pollution levels.

Nikitha Wadhawan, Vidur Gupta and Yajur Thapar of B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) developed a system that uses a conveyor mechanism for continuous flow of the line products without hampering the production. This will be highly beneficial for enhancing India's productivity.

Vineet, Samyak Jain and Aman Sharma of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) developed a steering system that is efficient enough to change the direction of the vehicle on its own.

Mohit Sagar, Ujjwal Srivastva and Krishna, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) have developed a futuristic system that can inflate tyres even while the vehicle is in motion!

Aditya Pratap Singh of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) and his team fabricated an All-Terrain Vehicle and showcased it in a prestigious event held at Pithampur, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This successful presentation led to one of the team members being inducted by Mahindra and Mahindra.

Ms. Vishakha Baghel developed a mathematical model to know the parametric effects on drop mode of condensation rate. The model functions by measuring the dropwise condensation on wettability graded surface.

Mudit Jain of B. Tech (CE) from ASE developed a novel way of usage of urine to accelerate the composting of bio-degradable material present in our surroundings.

Sudhanshu Kumar, Ali Asjad Khan, Deepjyoti Adhikary, Rishabh Anand and Piyush Saini, students of B. Tech (EEE) and B. Tech (E&I), designed a robot that can lift really heavy loads. The robot designed by them is capable of carrying loads three times its own weight.

Himanshu Nagdev and Dheeraj Singh of B. Tech (ECE) developed an IoT liquid food dispenser system for pets and other animals. The device monitors the level of food in the system continuously and is designed in an eco friendly manner as it disposes the waste water which can be used in watering a plant.

Deepanshu Tyagi and Ravi Sahani of B. Tech (ECE) designed an automatic pet feeder. This device keeps the owner informed about the quantity of food being served on a daily basis. It also keeps the food fresh for up to 12 hours as the food is stored in an air-tight container.

Asa Singh, Pratik Mishra and Arjun Arora, students of B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering), designed a Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm for the purpose of mimicking the appearance and functions of a missing arm of a human being.

Virender Maurya, Mohammad Ahsan Rashid, Sharad Chandra and Ashutosh Bagwadi, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) developed a unique brake assembly for Formula Student India (FSI) for gathering information about the force distribution in the assembly of master cylinder, disc brakes and pedal assembly.

Anmol Arora, Deeksha Sharma, Jaskaran Singh Khinda and Shahzed Anwar, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) designed a unique mono wheel vehicle that allows the input shaft to maintain constant velocity.

Abhishek Singh and Arjun Chopra of B. Tech (ECE) made a device which is useful in detection of any unwanted object. It consists of an ultrasonic radar with camera that is used to click images at the time of object detection. These images thus captured can be transferred to any e-mail address at regular time intervals.

Nikit Gupta of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) has developed a unique device for designing and fabricating innovative room air conditioner that functions on the principles of passive cooling.

Rohit Kumar Singh, Akash Sanghi, Aman Kumar and Abhay Chauhan, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), have invented a device that investigates the effects of EGR on performance and emissions of three cylinder engines which are typically used in agricultural farm machineries.

Shanu Sharma, M. Bhargav Chandra, Pappu Rohan, Rishabh Mittal, Jaskaran Singh Dhodi and Vaibhav Kabra, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), have designed and fabricated a biodiesel testrig for testing the efficiency and effectiveness of fuels such as Jatropha, Pongamia and Ethanol blended with diesel.

Deepak Kalra, Akash Soni, Gopesh Kaushik and Rahul Kora, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), have developed a prototype of semi-pneumatic flush system that helps save cost due to the minimized amount of water used while flushing.

Fazil Hafeez, Jomin Johnson, Anant Chaturvedi and Gokul Mohan, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), have come up with a state-of-the-art design of pneumatic piston car bumper based on the pneumatic control of the movable bumper. The bumper attenuates collision energy thereby decreasing the collision damage to the car and passengers.

Dhruv Dhir, Prerit Budhiraja, Abhishek Sadder and Abhinav Mahajan, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), have developed a shaft-based tri-cycle which is especially beneficial for specially abled people.

Prashant Kumar, Aditya and Shubham Aggarwal, students of B.Tech (ECE), have designed a Cyber Tree Intelligent Pot. The 'intelligent' pot has sensors implanted in it for detecting humidity, light, and temperature and expresses its behaviour by displaying 'Smileys' based on its findings. The same result can be transmitted to mobile phones and the same can be used to control the watering.

Sumit Anand of B. Tech. (ME) has developed a system capable of converting polymeric waste like, Low and High Density Polyethylene (LDPE & HDPE) and Polystyrene (PS) into fuel. It is a low cost system that converts polymer to fuel in the presence of a suitable catalyst.

Nabarun Paul, Sushant Sardana and Kritarth Malhotra, students of B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), have invented a novel way to optimise the flight time of quadcopter by integrating solar panels on it while reducing the overall weight.

Vasu Garg of B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) has developed a dual axis solar energy tracker which can track the sun throughout the day to harness its energy with maximum efficiency.

Agneev Das, Rahul Prajapat and Sayantan Bhattacharya, students of B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), have developed and implemented a technology that is inspired by the Bats' ability to detect ultrasonic sounds. This technology will be of immense use for those with visual impairment.

Jayesh Saini and Vaibhav Chaudhary of B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) have developed a model for an automatic traffic control system wherein ambulances and vehicles carrying explosives are detected by the intelligent system on its own. Upon this correct identification the system manages traffic accordingly.

Neel Chatterjee of B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) has successfully carried out a thermal analysis of GaAs Schottky Barrier Nanowire MOSFET of a device at different voltages.

Divya Gupta of B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) has developed a device for remotely controlling multiple fan appliances using infrared (IR) remote and/or sound signals.

Ravitej Singh Rekhi of B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) has developed a computer vision based robust automatic method for detection of Diabetic Retinopathy.

Parth Sharma, Jagriti Raizada and Faraz Ahmed Siddiqui, students of B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering), have developed an Android application that can analyze the patient's health for proper diagnoses. The app will analyse the data received through the Bluetooth module and on observing any abnormality will raise an alert.

Arjun Kumar Singh, Devendra Yadav and Ashish, students of B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), have developed a project that demonstrates the implementation of natural laws of swarming using basic networking technology.

Rajat Verma and Dinesh, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), have designed and fabricated a unique thermal energy storage device using phase change material. It can store thermal energy in the form of latent heat during day time and can release it on demand subsequently.

Mohan Misra of B.Tech (ECE) has developed a non-invasive method for automated detection and diagnosis of cardiac diseases from body auscultations using a low cost DSP processor. The handheld device will help screen a large population in rural areas where there is a severe shortage of medical experts and adequate infrastructure.

Rashbir Singh of B.Tech (Information Technology) has developed an extraordinary system of implementing Internet of things (IOT) for the visually impaired people using Arduino, SDK programming tools and sensors in an exceptionally economically viable manner.

Shweta Yadav of M.Tech (Information Technology) has developed a highly beneficial system that can provide health care knowledge based on primary healthcare centres (PHC) on mobiles to the vast and lesser privileged masses of rural India.

Shivam Bhartwal of B.Tech (Information Technology) has developed a project that develops upon the shortcomings of Git as a version control system and proposes a model to suggest improvements in the architecture of Git.

A highly innovative system developed by Shekhar Verma and Medha Mahrishi of B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) recognises human actions in videos based on their diverse physical activities such as walking, jogging, boxing etc.

Devansh Chopra, Soorya M, Anubhi Kulshrestha, and Ashish Sinha, students of B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) have developed a new way to dispose e-waste. Their project proposes to clean e-waste by providing an option to the customers to dispose of this waste from their homes while being paid for the same.

Gaurav Sharma of B. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) has figured out a process to address the challenge to interpret the massive volumes of visual data being generated continuously. His project aims at analysing this visual data in order to identify faces, emotions and objects.

Parking is an issue faced by almost everyone. Rahi Jain & Rahul Ravi Gupta of B.Tech (Computer Science & Technology) have developed an innovative project for parking providers in which whenever a car enters or leaves a parking space the LED indicators of the location signify accordingly.

Snehdeep Anand and Mayank Jain of B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) have developed an extremely helpful project for farmers. It helps farmers to optimise their cultivation and irrigation practices. The project will help in increasing the crop production and will also decrease crop destruction due to natural phenomena like extreme cold among others.

Kunwardeep Singh Oberoi & Ankit Chaurasia of B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) have developed a Home Monitoring System that monitors the doors and windows of one's home and promptly notifies of any new access via a data feed.

Prantik Sarkar has developed a highly economical and easy-to-use system wherein all the electrical LED lighting devices of one's place can be controlled and manipulated using smart phones.

Richu Goyal of B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) has developed an impressive device that performs numerical simulation of staggered grid heat exchanger for optimising the energy.

Shaunak, Shaumik and Kshitij, students of B.Tech (ECE) have developed a system consisting of automated computer vision based method which is a diagnostic tool to detect and grade the severity of diabetic retinopathy. The method tries to imitate the logic and medical judgement of ophthalmologists in detecting the abnormality and its location in the image for grading the severity of the disease.

Rajat Kumar Oberoi, Nehal SK and Ajay Anand, students of B. Tech (ECE) have developed a location aware walking stick for the visually disabled. It provides the user with navigation assistance, making use of voice to input the destination while also using automatic GPS readings.

Asmita Gupta of B. Tech (ECE) has developed an automated computer vision technique for efficient exudates segmentation from fundus images by strategically combining first order statistical parameters and local thresholding method with an average computation time of a mere 9 seconds.

Gandhrava Sati of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) has designed and fabricated a prototype for digitization and automation of documents which may help the Indian IT industry in maintaining its growth momentum in the years to come.

Rishabh Madan of B.Tech (ECE) has developed a smoke detection sensor suitable for uniform environments based on image processing technique. The smoke alert thus generated could be sent to a mobile phone.

Bhupander Singh Danta, Indresh Chaudhary, Deepak Chaudhary and Ashish Kumar Chaudhary, students of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) have developed a device which lays emphasis on the effect of various types and techniques of metal coatings on the endurance limit of a specimen.

S. No. Name of Student Inventor Title of the Patent
1 Joyjit Chatterjee (B.Tech ECE) User Friendly HelPen for assisting visually challenged
2 Pulkit Pandey & Arthav S Patial (B.Tech ECE) A sensor based wireless anti biting canine device
3 Pulkit Pandey &Arthav S Patial (B.Tech ECE) Mobile and Remote Locator
4 Varsha Singh M. Tech. (CN&IS) Power saving circuit
5 Divya Kakar ( B.Tech CSE) An Intelligent Smart trolley system for smart cities
6 Vipin Choudhary, Aastha Gupta (M.Tech WC) Hole coupled slotted MIMO antenna with defective ground surface
7 Munib Ur Rehman (M.Tech CN & IS) Early Warning System (EWS) for detecting earthquake
8 Rajneesh Tanwar, Kanamarlapudi Krishna Kanth Gupta (M.Tech CN & IS) Securing an external Hard Drive using IOT
9 Hemant Kumar, Ila Verma, Pratima Singh (B.Tech ECE) Maple leaf planar fractal antenna for energy harvesting applications
10 Sahitya Singh, Akshaj Arora (B.Tech ECE) Lotus Shaped multi-band antenna
11 Sahitya Singh, Akshaj Arora (B.Tech ECE) Novel multi-patch fractal antenna
12 Surbhit Bhatnagar (B.Tech ECE) IV Fluids level monitoring and nurse notification.
13 Vipin Choudhary and Aastha Gupta  (M.Tech WC) Hole coupled slotted MIMO antenna with defective ground surface
14 Pulkit Pandey (B.Tech ECE) Cyborg
15 Manikant (B.Tech EEE) System and method for network reconfiguration and load
16 S.S.Tiwar, ChandanBanola, Prateek Singh, Praveen kumar Singh, Saket Kumar
(B.Tech EEE)
IOT based environment monitoring system for ATM rooms
17 Munib Ur Rahman  (M.Tech CNIS) Early Warning System (EWS) for Detecting Earthquake
18 Shivang Sharma (B.Tech IT) An Environment Friendly Green Tablet PC
19 Anish Arora (B.Tech CSE) Aadhar Biometric Based Automatic Document less Traffic Management
20 Rahul Saini (B.Tech CSE) Tag System for Enhancing the Security of a Computer System
21 Aditya Bhatnagar, Kartikey Jain, (B.Tech CSE) Voice Recognition Calculator
22 Shivam Sharma (B.Tech CSE) An Intelligent Garbage Segregator For Smart
23 JalenduDhanija, (B.Tech CSE) Face-Reco
24 Saumya Gangwar & Ankit Madnawat (B.Tech ECE) Household inverter using dual-axis solar tracker
25 Kshitij Chopra (B.Tech ECE) Integrated Circuit for converting low voltage AC to normal DC voltages
26 RaghavGogia, Pragya Chawla
(B.Tech CSE)
Smartphone based authentic automated attendance system
27 Mukesh Roy (M.Tech MAE) An automatic portable DSP processor-based solar/dynamo powered microscope for detection of Bacilli
28 Mukesh Roy (M.Tech MAE) A household wastewater recycling and rainwater harvesting automatic photosensor mesh based self-lubricating waste-measuring multi-level toilet flush system
29 Mukesh Roy (M.Tech MAE) BioMatch - economical eco-friendly biodegradable matchstick holder.
30 Mukesh Roy (M.Tech MAE) Portable Non-Electric Regulator-Controlled Pump-Based Biodegradable Disposable Low-Cost Handheld Nebulizer
31 Jitin Malhotra (B.Tech MAE) A laser based heater for the 3D printer's extruder using FDM technique
32 Jitin Malhotra (B.Tech MAE) Heat massage device having finger like structures filled with magnetic fluid
33 Mukesh Roy (M.Tech MAE) Microprocessor-based ultraviolet radiation sterilizing device for surgical instruments
34 Mukesh Roy (M.Tech MAE) Wheelchair having armrest cum transfer board with anti skid mechanism
35 Jitin Malhotra (B.Tech MAE) Three dimensional printer with installed condensation system
36 Mukesh Roy (M.Tech MAE) A portable head load transmitter device with automatic stress and strain detection system
37 Sumit Sharma (B.Tech MAE) A novel Exhaust system for reducing the gases and particulate matter emitted from vehicles
38 Montek Singh Soni and   Jitin Malhotra (B.Tech MAE) Three dimensional printer with installed condensation system
39 Sumit Sharma (B.Tech MAE) A novel system to reduce emission gases and particulate matters from diesel engine exhaust
40 Dinesh Balwada and   Utkarsh Ashwini (B.Tech MAE) Internal Liquid cooling system for laptop
41 Sumit Sharma (B.Tech MAE) A novel method to reduce exhaust emission of diesel engine using carbon black, 3 way catalytic converter
42 Rishabh Sharma and   Simeon Jacob (B.Tech MAE) Energy free generation of potable water through recurring condensation and agglomeration using a bicylindrical container
43 Surbhit Bhatnagar (B.Tech ECE) IR & Clap remote control for all type fan speed control
44 Dhruba Ghosh (M.Tech VLSI) Double differential ring oscillator architecture with low power, low noise and high stability factor for high speed serial link in RF range
45 PiyushGoel, AkshaySonkusare, Rohit Singh, Arjun Kapoor (B.Tech EEE) Driver Identification System
46 S. Goel, S.S. Bhadauria (B.Tech EEE) Remote Interface for Slider Aided Wireless Power Transmission
47 Monika (B.Tech CSE) Enhancing surveillance system using AI techniques through fluoroscopy
48 Ankur Dixit  (B.Tech MAE) Modified Fluid Storage Tank
49 Harshwardhan Sharma, Bhupesh Sharma (B.Tech EEE) Green Energy Based Air-Conditioner
50 Abhishek Khanna (B.Tech EEE) Android-based handheld device for Speed Control of DC motor via Bluetooth
51 Arpan Rudra, R. Kumar, A. Singh (B.Tech EEE) Portable Pre-paid Energy Meter with Easy Recharge Interface
52 Ravi Ranjan (M.Tech AE) An improved System for engagement and disengagement of clutch using actuator
53 Ravi Ranjan (M.Tech AE) A novel system of leakage detection brake oil in automobiles
54 Ravi Ranjan (M.Tech AE) A novel system and method for efficient cooling of brake disc at higher speed
55 Ravi Ranjan (M.Tech AE) An improved antitheft system and method for vehicles
56 Rohit Kumar (M.Tech AE) Anti theft device implanted on exhaust system of automobiles to reduce vehicle theft
57 Rohit Kumar (M.Tech AE) A novel system for heating exhaust gases, completely filed
58 Rohit Kumar (M.Tech AE) System and method for locking petrol and diesel injection to eliminate theft problem
59 Rohit Kumar (M.Tech AE) A novel method and system to improve performance of compression ignition engine
60 Ravi Ranjan (M.Tech AE) A novel system and mechanism for locking steering wheel of an automobile
61 Ravi Ranjan (M.Tech AE) System and method to reduce theft problem of vehicle by automatic hand brake locking
62 Rohit Kumar (M.Tech AE) A novel method and system to improve performance of spark ignition engine
63 Angad Chawla, Tarun Kumar, Tejeshwar Singh and Abhijeet Gupta (B.Tech MAE) Multi Utility Machine Tool
64 Anuj Raturi (M.Tech AE) A System & Method for Cleaning Crank Case Impurities using Compressor System
65 Rohit Kumar (M.Tech AE) System & methods for reducing pollutants using vane chamber in exhaust system of automobile
66 Arjun Chauhan (M.Tech AE) Advance Brake Failure Alarm System
67 Seema bhatnagar, S.Kaushik, S.Sahai Process For The Synthesis Of E
3- Halo -2- Styryl/Vinyl Chromones As Therapeutic Agents
68 Seema bhatnagar, S.Kaushik A Process For The Preparation Of 3-Substituted-2-9phenyl Ethyl Chromones
69 Seema bhatnagar, S.Kaushik, Styrylchoromones As Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator
70 V. Pooja, Seema bhatnagar, Hina sanwal, Ak Srivastav Novel Effect Of Spices On Demelanization Of Pathogenic Fungus
71 Megha rikhi, V. Pooja, Seema bhatnagar, Hina sanwal, Ak Srivastav Novel Effect Of Medicinal Plant As Antifungals Leading To Reduced Pathogenicity
72 Swati Kaushik, V. Pooja, Seema bhatnagar, Hina sanwal, Ak Srivastav Novel Effect Of Citrus Plant As Antifungal Leading To Reduced Pathogenicity
73 Swati Kaushik, Megha rikhi, V. Pooja, Seema bhatnagar, Ak Srivastava, Novel Composition Of Natural Extracts As Disinfectant, Air Purifier And Hand Sanitizer
74 V. Pooja, Seema bhatnagar, Ak Srivastava, Novel Bioactive Extract Of Ratanjot To Inhibit/ Decrease The Melanin Production In Melanocytes
75 Swati Kaushik, Megha rikhi, V. Pooja,Seema bhatnagar, Ak Srivastava, Novel Bioactive Extract Of Orange Peel Exhibiting Bactericidal/ Bacteriostatic Activity Against Micrococcus Species
76 V. Pooja, Seema bhatnagar, Ak Srivastava, Herbal Formulation For Effective Acne Vulgaris
77 Swati Kaushik, Megha rikhi, Hina sanwal, V. Pooja, Ak Srivastava, Seema bhatnagar A Method For The Preparation Of Disinfectant, Air Purifier And Hand Sanitizer Using Combination Of Plant Extracts
78 Megha rikhi, Swati, V.Pooja, Hina, Seema bhatnagar, Ak Srivastava A Novel Bioactive Extract For Prevention / Treatment Of Acne
79 Rajashree Das, V.Pooja, Hina sanwal, Shweta Mahant, Seema bhatnagar A Methanolic Extract Of Lichen Parmelia As Potent Anti- Helicobacter Pylori Agent
80 Dr. Sumedha Mohan, Dr. Praveen Dahiya, Ms. Seema Raj, In-Vitro Antibacterial Activity Of Jatropha Curcas Grown On Fly Ash Amended Soil
81 Ms. Swati Kuashik, Ms. Megha rikhi, Dr. Seema bhatnagar “Isoxazoylstyrylchromones As Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators”
82 Ms. Swati Kuashik, Ms. Megha rikhi, Dr. Seema bhatnagar “A Method For The Synthesis Of 3-Amninoalkyl-2-Styrl Chromone Derivatives For Anticancer And Antioxidant Activity”
83 Megha rikhi, Shanuhoda, Swati Kaushik, Dr. Seema bhatnagar, Dr. V. Pooja, Dr. Anjali Soni, Dr. B. Jayaram "Biphenyl-2,6-Diethanone Analogs And Their Derivatives As Antifungal Agents"
84 V. Pooja, Seema bhatnagar, Hina sanwal, Ak Srivastav A Process For The Preparation Of Antifungal Bioactive Extract From Linumusitatissimum (Lu)
85 Swati Rastogi, Richa Singh Paperless Examination System For Subjective Assessment Based On Clustered Architecture
86 Tanya Singh, Seema verma, Improved Real Time Analysis Of Packets For Securing Web Server
87 Deepak Kumar, Mr. Ali Alwasouf A System And Method For Extending Soa To Enable Automatic Web Service Composition  (Xsoa2ac)
88 Himanshu Gupta An Improved Method And System For Enhancing Security Using Hybrid Key Encryption Algorithm
89 Dr. Pk Kapoor, Dr. Sk Khatri, Ms. Shruti nagpal A System And Method For Measuring Efficiency Of Erp Testing Components
90 Dr. Sarika Jain, Mr. Siddharth kalra "Smart Water Bottle With Hydration
Management System"
91 Dr. Sarika Jain, Mr. Siddharth kalra "Two Factor Mechanical Hand Based Voloumetric Force Feedback System"
92 Sarika Jain, Siddharth kalra "An Improved Wearable Device For Security And Two Way Laser Communication"
93 Sarika Jain, Siddharth kalra "Chroma-Heptic System"
94 Sarika Jain, Siddharth kalra "Optical Fibre Based 3d Haptic Screen Device "
95 Sarika Jain, Siddharth kalra "3d Augmented Reality Haptic Two-Factor Volumetric Force Feedback Interfaces"
96 Dr. Sarika Jain, Mr. Siddharth kalra "Infrared Powered Vibro-Haptic Piano Training System For The Visuallly Impaired"
97 Himanshu Gupta An Advanced Model For Secure Electronic Transaction  An System And Method For Secure Electronic Transaction Over Internet
98 Dr. Sarika Jain, Mr. Siddharth kalra Passive Haptic Learning Based Typing Skill Enhancement System For The Visually Impaired
99 Dr. Shubranil som, Dr. Sunil Khatri, Mr. Amit Sharma Automated Wireless Sensor’s Energy Saving System
100 Tanya Singh Hardware Design Of Deep Packet Detection Engine For Securing Data In Internet Of Things (Iots)
101 Dr. Shubranil som, Dr. Sunil Khatri, Mainak Ghosh A System And Method For Detection Of Wallet Using Iot Sensor
102 Dr. Shubranil som, Dr. Sunil Khatri, Aishwayra dulwani A System To Notify Human Body Water Requirement
103 Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri, Dr. Subranil som, Ms. Ankita Sen, Roy Tunnel Based Quantity Determining Garbage Reception System”
104 Deepak Kumar, Anurag Shashwat Security Enhancement For M-Commerce For Online Transaction
105 Dr. Laxmi Ahuja, Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri A Safety Scanner System For A Vehicle
106 Dr. Deepak Kumar, Viral Gupta, Parmod Kumar Kapur A System And Method For Optimization In Payment Processing For Enterprise Applications In Banking Industry
107 Dr.Monika Sharma, Shubham Aggarwal, Sunil K. Khatri A System And Method For Parking Management Using Image Processing
108  Dr. Sk Khatri, Dr. Subhranil som, Mr. Pushpak Efficient Manhole Management System Using Iot
109 Dr. Neetu Mittal, Aamna Shahab Solar Powered Charger For Wireless Charging
110 Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri, Dr. Shubranil som, Ms. Reetika Jain Traffic Management System Using Automated Breakers And Signals
111 Dr.Monika Sharma, Sunil K. Khatri, Pprtisahni A System And Technique For Garbage Detection Using Image Processing
112  Dr. Shubranil som, Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri, Hamid Reza Malekiraee An Automated Haircut Helmet
113  Ms. Srishti Mishra, Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri, Dr. Subranil som Improved Iot Based Vehicular Pollution Analyzing Device
114 Sumin Samuel Sybol, Komal saxena, Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri, A Method For Improving The Power Efficiency Of A Wearable Device
115 Ms. Sweta Raj, Dr. Neetu Mittal, Dr. Sunil K. Khatri A Finger Print Recognition And Verification Technique
116 Dr. Shubranil som, Dr. Sunil Khatri, Mr. Zohaib ajaz faridi Aided Drive Information Network
117 Dr. Laxmi Ahuja Bike For Kids With Leg Length Discrepancy
118 Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Viral Gupta, Dr. Parmod Kumar Kapur A  System And Method To Measure The Development And Operations Message Flow
119 Dr.Monika Sharma, Dr. Ajay Rana, Mr. Rishabh ghildiyal A Systemt And Method For Mobile Detection In Restricted Area
120  Ginni Arora, Subhranil Som, Ajay Rana, Akshansh Kumar, Rohit Gupta, A System And Method For Geothermal Energy Harvesting
121 Riya Sharma, Mukul mogha, Sarvesh tanwar, Ajay Rana An Artificial Intelligence (Ai) System And Method For Portable Pen Scanner
122 Riya Sharma, Komal Saxena, Ajay Rana, Alka Chaudhary A System And Method For Glasses Which Helps The User To Navigate
123 Ayushi Singh ,  Ruchika bathla ,  Sonia Saini ,  Ajay Rana A Smart Pen With Mobile
124 Sarvesh Tanvar , Taran Kaur Bhatia , Ajay Rana , Tushar Rakhra , Arjit Kaushal A Smart Gas Stove
125 Laxmi Ahuja , Ajay Rana , Siddharth Gupta Slant Roof Top For Rain Water Harvesting'
126 Payal Rawat , Komal Saxena , Ajay Rana , Alka Chaudhary A Wireless Smart Solar Box
127 Sarvesh Tanwar , Ajay Rana , Riya Sharma , Mukul Mogha 'An Advanced Vending Machine System For Automatic Medicine Distribution
128 Laxmi Ahuja, Rohit Kumar​ Lakhyani​, Rohit Gupta​, Akshansh Kumar An Iot Based Bulb Holder Device”
129 Sarvesh Tanwar , Ajay Rana , Ayushi Singh, Payal Rawat A Metallic Pen Projector With A Finger-Print Unlock System And Portable Wireless Charger
130 Ginni Arora, Ajay Rana, Rohit Gupta, Akshansh Kumar 'A Safety Helmet Device'
131 Ginni Arora, Ajay Rana, Trayush A Soap Coagulator System'
132 Monika Sharma, Abhimanyu Pal,​Ajay Rana A Shoe Assembly With Iot Connectivity
133 Sandeep Mathur, Ajay Rana  A Wearable Device With Iot Connectivity For Monitoring Body Vitals
134 Riya Sharma, Komal saxena,  Ajay Rana An Interactive Hand Wearable Device For Monitoring Pollution With Iot Connectivity
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