In all walks of life, self discipline is an essential value to be inculcated; discipline is the bedrock for achieving overall excellence in anything one does. Discipline thus becomes an essential aspect and the very essence of Military Training Camp. Discipline in general would imply strictly adhering to laid down regimen with particular reference to punctuality, correct dress code, ready response and adherence to laid down instructions and general sense of orderliness and ship - shapeness.


    All participants will observe the following code of conduct :-

  • AUH and AIMC Campus, Residential Accommodation of Staff and Villages in the vicinity of the Camp are placed OUT OF BOUNDS for all.
  • The Camp is being run on the lines of NCC Camp and therefore, strict decorum and discipline is expected, at all times.
  • Students may bring mobile phones to the Camp but use of mobile phone during training is strictly prohibited. During training, the Mobile phones will be kept on 'Silent' mode.
  • Strictly observe the laid down timings for various activities and events.
  • Dress appropriately within and outside the Camp premises. No one will move in chappals outside the Camp.
  • No one will leave the Camp without permission of the Camp Commandant.
  • No naked light inside the tents and do not tamper with the electric connections/plug points.
  • Smoking within the Camp is prohibited. Match boxes and cigarette lighters are not allowed in the camp.
  • Do not order food from outside.
  • Drinking is strictly prohibited.

Participants will observe the above code of conduct strictly. Disciplinary action will be initiated against defaulters.


All participants will be provided with disruptive pattern uniform, Cap FS and web belt for the duration of the camp. Participants are required to maintain and look after the uniforms issued to them. Participants will bring their own footwear (sports shoes /jungle shoes /ankle shoes) for training.


    All participants are expected to bring with them the following items:-

  • At least two pairs of Civil clothes.
  • Adequate winter clothing including woolen cap and gloves. (During winters only)
  • Adequate number of under garments and socks.
  • Sleeping Dress
  • Private shoes
  • Bathroom Slippers
  • Blankets (During winters only)
  • Writing material (Pocket note book, pen & pencil)
  • Shaving Kit (for boys)
  • Toiletries as required.
  • Housewife (sewing / stitching kit)
  • Water bottle
  • Torch
  • Anti mosquito cream