The University has a sustainability commitment overall 17 goals defined by the United Nations. In this direction, 360-degree efforts are taken by the University. The University has made efforts to reduce the carbon footprints and use of renewable energy at the Campus. The University has focused on emphasizing sustainability at all levels while maintaining infrastructure, carrying research, teaching and knowledge transfer, administration, community activities, and Social work.

With the thought that the Universities and educational institutions are the right place to disseminate the well-established sustainability practices and innovate new ideas to encourage the sustainability. Every year the students are encouraged to participate in the United Nations Millennium Fellowship Program to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG - 3 Good Health and Well Being

The University makes all-around efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle with the good physical and mental state of human beings. The University focuses on providing the on-campus Clinic Service, Counseling cell, sports infrastructure, yoga activities, and exercise equipment for the students and faculty members. The University extends good health practices through workshops and community activities. The faculty members also contribute to SDG3 by producing quality research publications.

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SDG - 4 Quality Education

The University has a special focus on providing the learning material through life-long learning methodologies. The Amity Learning Management System provides access to the Lecture Notes, Videos, Contents, and access to evaluation methodologies. The e-library provides access to e-books, research articles, and databases to the students and faculty members to utilize as per their convenience and leisure. The Strategy of Inclusive education for all the students coming from the various segments of the society provides a healthy environment to learn and excel in life. Community activities and social work extend University capabilities for the deprived sections of society. The University arranges public events and extends the accessibility of the university resources such as faculty expertise, library, conference hall, and digital content.

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SDG - 5 Gender Equality

The University has a systematic mechanism and policy to understand the applications, acceptance, and passing of the Girl students enrolled. The non-discrimination policies versus the Women and Transgender are also in effect. Equal opportunities are offered to the students as well as the employees at the University. The mentoring facilities and the scholarship schemes are in action as per the policy of the University. The University also extends the activities in the community, nearby schools, and villages. The community activities for the women outside are conducted, such as design interventions, confidence building, family conflict resolutions, and harmony maintaining activities are conducted. The mentoring activity is executed for the woman to encourage her to start a small business in the nearby villages.

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SDG - 17 Partnership for Goals

The AUM has formal and informal partnerships with NGOs, Civil Societies, Social work organizations, Government departments, and reputed educational institutions. The University has signed MOUs with various organizations to collaborate and to contribute sustainability. The University has a vision of engaging with organizations having expertise in sustainability. Additionally, the University has a mission to provide mentorship to the institutions struggling to contribute to SDGs.

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