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The International Journal of Strategic Management seeks to publish the highest quality original research with questions, evidence and conclusions that are relevant to strategic management and engaging to strategic management thinkers, professionals & scholars from industry and academia all around the globe. We welcome manuscripts with a wider perspective of knowledge and applications. The Editor of IJSM strongly believes that issue of IJSM comprising of strategic management research with arguments, solutions and conclusions has the potential to make an important contribution to the theory and applications both in appraising the current state of strategic management research and in providing a platform for the future development of the field. The journal will add value to both specialized research activities needed to address the diversity of the field applications.


The International Journal of Strategy and Management is dedicated to:

  • Improving the understanding of strategy development; globally at Public and Private organizations
  • Improving the existing knowledge base and encourage new thinking and innovative approaches of strategic thinking
  • Publishing original scholarly research articles or papers to give insights to executives towards managing the business effectively
  • Bridging the gap between researchers and executives leading and managing public and private organisations


The journal covers all facets of strategic management in both private and public organizations including:

Strategic decision making
Global Competition
Managing Small
Strategic Alliances and partnering
Medium and Large Sized Ventures
Corporate Networks
Global Mergers and acquisition
Corporate Social Responsibility
Joint ventures
Risk Management
Managing Different Cultures
Startups / New ventures
Product / Process Innovation
Managerial Decision Making
Business Creativity
Project Management
Impact of Globalisation
Technology and its Impact
Economical Forecasting
Knowledge Management
Marketing Strategies
Resource Management
Information Technology
Environment and Sustainability
Financial Management
Green Leadership
Retention and Retrenchment
Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations and Strategic Management
Competitive Strategies for Dynamic Environments

We encourage research papers based on innovative and unusual methodologies; and sound but diverse methodological approaches and reviews of strategic management research. Journal intends to reach well beyond literature surveys and offer interpretation, evaluation, and challenges to existing process and practices. Papers published will not only study the current state of the business, they will also have the potential to stimulate and guide future research efforts.

With this initiative, we look forward to receive submissions that offer new dimensions and insight into redefining strategy concepts. To foster coherence within the field, papers would address what we know and do not know from the extant research and more significantly direct attention to the relationships among concepts and theories within and across the different sub-fields.

We also foresee submissions that go beyond integrating old theories with new. Papers exploring new phenomena and emerging with novel approaches that merit development would provide a foundation for defining the field’s future research streams. Such papers may also point out ways to extend strategic management research by encompassing themes that have gained currency among practitioners and investors but have received limited scholarly attention.

Experts from all over the world are welcome to present different aspects of the business environment. The journal will promote articles with high visibility in the international community.

Articles published in the journal can be cited, but certain rules must be applied. Each article citation must include the following key components:

  • Name of the author
  • Title of the article
  • Name, Volume, and Issue of the Journal in which the article is published
  • Page Number(s) of the cited information
  • Publisher of the Journal
  • Date of publication