Amity University is part of the not-for-profit Amity Education Group with over 2 decades of excellence that includes 8 world-class universities, 25 schools & pre-schools, 150 top-ranked institutions and 12 international campuses across the globe.

One of India’s leading education groups, Amity is home to over 125,000 students pursuing 300 Programmes in 60 diverse disciplines across pre-school to Ph.D.

The 4500 strong faculty have the distinction of filing the highest number of patents in the last years, besides developing the highest number case studies in the last one year. The faculty is also carrying out over 300 sponsored research projects with leading Govt. bodies like CSIR, DRDO and global institutions like Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation. These unique initiatives are reflected in Amity being recognised as SIRO (Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) by the Govt. of India.

If you want to excel as an academician, are highly ambitious, wish to be counted among the distinguished Directors, Deans, Faculty and/or research scientists globally,and are looking for an opportunity which provides you:

Most conducive atmosphere which would inspire and motivate you for developing your potential to the fullest, which you would definitely like to do.

Most modern infrastructure and technical support.

Salary and perks totally based on your results/achievements. Unlimited opportunities for your professional & personal growth.

Working & education opportunities for your spouse & family members.

Opportunity to be guide to brilliant Ph.D Fellows. Patenting the innovation and know-how is the culture at the University so that through its commercialisation, you become richer. 550 Patents already filed within last about 3 years

Option to plan yourself how much time you want to spend in teaching, in research, in publication or in consultancy, etc. to meet the API score for desired increment.

Then you are the right person for us. Amity would prefer its candidate to apply online by clicking here
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As India's leading Education Group with campuses in 25 cities in India and 12 overseas campuses, Amity provides you opportunities to work and settle down at a place of your choice. Amity offers crèche facility on campus. Amity also offers assignments to the spouse depending upon their qualification/experience. To ensure professional growth for its faculty, Amity offers India's largest fellowship & Ph.D programme and provides domain and other faculty training & development programmes through the Amity Academic Staff College.