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GLRC 2020

5th Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC-2020) - Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation: Drivers for Future Business Growth

25th & 26th February, 2020

5th Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC-2020)

Theme: Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation: Drivers for Future Business Growth

Date: 25th - 26th February 2020 (Thursday/Friday)

Venue: Amity Business School, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, F-3 Block, Noida

About the Conference:

Digital transformation and disruptive innovation have been instrumental in bringing about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). It is essentially a revolution of technological breakthroughs, such as Edge, Cloud, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Block chain and the Internet of Things. These breakthroughs are complementing the disruptive innovation which is bringing a paradigm shift in the way businesses are run. Aggregation model has fueled the growth of a new ecosystem of innovative businesses ranging from cabs to hotels with the help of agile networking. Recent studies estimate that worldwide spending on the technologies and services that enable digital transformation will reach almost $2 trillion in 2022, with companies allocating 10% of their revenue to fuel their digital strategies. This shows that digital transformation is being recognised as a long-term investment. Whatever a company’s vision for the future, it must include disruptive innovation and digital transformation in order to grow and compete effectively.

Digital transformation is providing a valuable opportunity for core business functions to move away from manual processes and automate key areas enabling leaders to focus on wider business opportunities. The network’s role in supporting innovation - by enabling remote working and providing access to technology and services on demand - is critical to delivering an environment that enables employees to achieve. Through building a digital process at an early stage and integrating the wider organisation with technology, businesses will be able to stay ahead of the curve and make themselves more available to future partners. Internal processes can become more efficient and flexible, with the ability to scale as the business grows. Over time, digital transformation will produce the tools to generate time and resource gains for driving accelerated business growth.

Through this conference we invite thought provoking research papers, case studies and original articles focusing upon the theme.

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