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Smart and portable Ventilator System Designed by Amity University Noida for COVID-19 Pandemic

The smart ventilator, developed by Amity University researchers, offers a wide variety of control parameters which can be leveraged during the Covid- 19 crisis. With advanced yet easy to use display panel and navigators, a wide range of parameters can be controlled with just a few clicks. Few of the silent features of this smart ventilator are:

  • Volume and pressure control in accordance with the age of the patient:
  • Variable Breath rate control, Controlled Breath Volume, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity:
  • Auto mode: Another, Autonomous mode with oximetry and heartbeat sensor:.
  • Purification of Exhale gases:

The Smart Ventilator is designed and developed with the guidance of medical experts to match all the medical standards of a Ventilator Machine. All the pre-programmed parameters were set in accordance with the standards advised by the medical professionals. This makes the ventilator system reliable and efficient for the patient and can even be used when there is non-availability of the medial expert. The autonomous feature makes this ventilator smart enough to take care of the patient.

Industrial and Domestic Hand Sanitizer Machine

Techuino automatic hand sanitizer dispenser comes with high quality alcohol resistant 8 lt abs body. Sonar based sensor with object detection range of 10-15cm thus can be use in areas with high intensity lights and dust particles. Use of brass spray nozzles increases the life of dispenser. Microcontroller based controlling reduces the wastage and limits dispensing. 50000 times tested solenoid valve, pump and relay circuit. High quality Indian based SMPS with range of 5 amps. Consumes only 0.5 watts at standby condition and 12 watt at running condition.

  • Sanitizer Dispenser: 2.5-3 ml per shot
  • Total Capacity: 8 liter capacity
  • Power consumption: 4.5 watt at running
  • SMPS based power supply
  • 0.5 sec dispensing time
  • 4 sec gap after each dispensing
  • Zero wastage
  • 3200 shots after each refill

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