To create awareness of various technical happenings around the world among the students. Academic and extra-curricular activities; to encourage students to actively participate in related events .To enhance the knowledge of students in Systems Dynamics. The main objectives are:

  • To be a source of motivation

  • To promote academic excellence by offering academic support

  • To make members aware of technological advancements in computer science

  • To provide platform to the students to showcase their talent and opportunities to gain knowledge and expertise in the field

  • To create technical and non-technical dimensions of the students.

We at our Institute have clubs on activities related to Sports, Cultural/Arts, Creative, CSR and Technical.There are many technical clubs like Programming,Web Technology,Mobile App,Networking clubs which students can join to enhance their technical skills. These clubs are managed and run by the students with the guidance and support of faculty members.

Clubs Objectives
Web Designing club The main Objective of Web Designing club is to create awareness among students about how to critically evaluate website quality and maintain quality web pages.
Android Club The main Objective of Android and Apps club is that student will get knowledge of cutting edge technologies,how to build Mobile App and how Mobile app idea can bring business.
Database Club To provide a strong foundation of Databases to the student.
Programming club The main objective of Programming Club is to create a community of programmers and to shareideas.
Networking club The objective of Networking club is to gain insights of basic and advanced networking concepts , to study new simulators available in the market, to gain insights of network planning and design.