Importance of Cultural activities

At AIIT, we believe that student's involvement in extracurricular activities develops their overall personality. Excelling in academics is important but becoming a complete human being is required. The campus life here offers them the best exposure by promoting participation in sports, cultural activities, self - governance and values, quizzes etc. Harnessing the technical skills of students by focusing on the development of their individual, professional and personal growth is an important part of life at campus. We at our Institute have clubs on activities related to technical, sports, cultural, arts, social responsibility and photography. They are managed and run by the students with the guidance and support of faculty members. A vibrant, multi-cultural campus life at AIIT makes it a wonderful experience for the students, students from different walks of life interact with each other making them accept the nuances of the other culture's and makes them a well equipped global manager. Participation in different activities at the campus helps them attain excellent communication skills, organizing skills and skills to work together in groups.

Cultural events