• Teaching Methodology

    AIIT endeavours to make teaching participative and experiential. Learning process is intended to be student-centric and not teacher-centric meaning that the onus of learning is on the students. This essentially involves use of innovative pedagogy to be adopted by the faculty. Projects & presentations/viva, assignments, technical quizzes are used extensively to achieve this objective. Students are encouraged to be fully involved in these activities to make use of their latent capabilities.

  • Benchmarked Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is dynamic in nature because of our constant attempt to maintain pace with the development available to us. The infrastructure acts as a facilitator for the effective delivery of our curriculum.

  • Classrooms

    The amphitheatre style classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented by well-equipped facilities. The air-conditioning in the classrooms creates the right atmosphere for long hours of learning. All lecture classrooms are well ventilated and equipped with the latest audiovisual facilities.

  • Tutorials

    In addition to the classroom teaching, AIIT encourages outside the class contact between faculty and students. Enough spare time is provided to make these sessions possible. These sessions intend to re-enforce what is taught in a regular class and provide opportunity for better interaction among students since these sessions are planned essentially for smaller groups.

  • Lab Infrastructure

    The institution is catering the specialized computational needs of the UG, PG and Ph.D. course, the department has high-end labs for faculty and students for research enhancements. These include:

    • CISCO ASC & ITC Lab
    • Cloud Computing & Database Lab
    • Artificial Intelligent & Machine Learning Lab
    • S/W & Open Source Technology Lab
    • Programming Lab

  • Auditorium and Seminar Halls

    State-of-the-art Auditoriums and Seminar Halls are part of the ultra modern infrastructure at Amity University. It provides the ideal setting for technical/management events and interaction programmes. Seminar Halls are well equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual and presentation tools to facilitate smooth presentations etc.

  • Strong Mentor-Mentee Program

    At AIIT, we have a unique 4-tier Mentoring System (Chief Mentor, Alumni Mentor, Faculty Mentor and Student Mentor). We believe that the student-faculty interaction outside the classroom is very essential for the overall development of the students academically and also attitudinally. The students have three kinds of needs viz. academic, emotional and career needs. It is in the context of these needs, that the role of faculty, as a mentor, becomes crucial. Every student is assigned a faculty member as mentor who acts as a friend, philosopher and guide and helps in his/her development. Apart from the faculty mentor, it is being contemplated that every student should be given an opportunity to interact closely and continuously with the industry, through an industry-mentor.

  • Foreign Language

    AIIT firmly believes that knowledge of Foreign Languages is essential in the global corporate world of today. It thus offers Foreign Language courses in all semesters. Every student is required to opt for one such language compulsorily. Apart from giving weight age in the evaluation system, a separate certificate of having elementary / working knowledge of language is also issued to successful candidates. The coverage of each language ensures its business applications so that the student can effectively converse and correspond in that language on various issues related to business management.

  • Behavioural Science Study

    This program aims at imparting skills which enable an individual to know self, see oneself in relation to the organization one works for and then in relation to larger environment and the society. To be specific, students would learn, through these courses, how to work in teams, how to lead and how to react in unfamiliar settings, apart from learning effective communication, time management etc. and thus become effective individuals as well as professionals. Behavioral Science and Communication Skills have been integrated into all the Post Graduate and Undergraduate programme structures at AIIT.

  • Focus on Human Values

    The important of the human values in education is lost in the era of globalization, because it only stimulates the educational system by the economic point of view. Success of economies is attributed to the strong educational systems that they possess, and it is through education only that we can instill human values in the future generation for a better and prosperous tomorrow for all and not just for the few sections of the society. AIIT realizing the importance of inculcating human values in its students organizes various activities to make them realize that it is they who have the onus of building a brighter society not only for them but for the society as a whole.

  • International students

    AIIT has a long experience of taking international students. International students in AIIT have been from 18 different countries (Afghanistan, Cameroon, Gabon, Iran, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kuwait, Nepal, Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Syria, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Togo, USA, China and UK).We recognise that there are a number of additional elements international students will need to consider when applying to AIIT, including English language requirements, visa and immigration information. To help foreign students make this transition to study at AIIT, the Foreign Student Fascilitation Centre (FSFC) at Amity provides all possible support tailored to the needs of international students. Moreover, at institution level, AIIT Foreign Students Coordinator & the HOI looks after the safety, security, discipline, well-being, academic progress, cultural programs and grievance redressal of all foreign students registered with the institute.