S.NO Inventor Facult/Staff Patent/Copyright Title Application No City Country Patent/Copyright Date
1 Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri, Dr. Subhranil Som & Ankita Sen Roy Tunnel based quantity determining garbage reception system 21811015425 Noida India 24 April, 2018
2 Dr. Subhranil Som & Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri A system and method for detection of wallet using IoT Sensor 201811013633 Noida India 6 April, 2018
3 Dr. Subhranil Som & Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri A system to notify human body water requirement 201811013632 Noida India 6 April, 2018
4 Sarika Jain Infrared powered Vibro-Haptic Piano training system for the visually impaired 201611018386 Noida India 22 September 2017
5 Dr. Subhranil Som, Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri & Mr. Amit Sharma Automated Wireless Sensor’s Energy Saving System 201711016938 Delhi India 15 May 2017
6 Dr. Sarika Jain 3D augmented reality haptic two factor volumetric force feedback interfaces 201611019381 Delhi India 27 May 2016
7 Dr. Sarika Jain Optical fibre based 3D haptic screen device 201611012989 Delhi India 13 April 2016
8 Dr. Sarika Jain An improved wearable device for security and two way laser communication 201611009331 Delhi India 16 Mar 2016
9 Dr. Sarika Jain Chroma haptic system 201611010122 Delhi India 15 Mar 2016
10 Dr. Sarika Jain Two factor mechanical hand based volumetric force feedback system 201611002455 Delhi India 13 Jan 2016
11 Dr. Sarika Jain Smart water bottle with hydration management system 3529/DEL/2015 Delhi India 29 Oct 2015
12 Dr. Sandeep Mathur C2MC 6302/2015-co/sw Delhi India 01 Jul 2015
13 Dr. Tanya Singh Hardware Implementationof Pattern Matching Algorithm (Aho-Corasic Algorithm) to detect malicious packets using Field Programmable Gate Array (Copyright) 1060/2015-CO/SW Delhi India 3 Feb, 2015
14 Prof. P K Kapur, Prof. Sunil Kumar Khatri & Ms. Shruti Nagpal A System and Method for Measuring Efficiency of ERP Testing Components 2982/DEL/2014 New Delhi India 20 Oct, 2014
15 Dr. Himanshu Gupta An improved Method and System for Enchancing Security Using Hybrid Key Encryption Alogrithm CRN-1117 Delhi India 01 Apr, 2014
16 Dr. Deepak Kumar A System and Method for Extending SOA to enable Automatic Web Service Composition 2373/DEL/2013 Noida India 8 Aug, 2013
17 Dr. Deepak Kumar A Flexible Software Testing System by incorporating Change-point in SRGM 1555/DEL/2013 Noida India 24 May, 2013
18 Ms. Richa Singh & Ms. Swati Rustogi Paperless Examination System for Subjective Assessment Based on Clustered Architecture 1398/DEL/2011 Noida India 14 May, 2012
19 Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh An improved wireless transceiver device with reduced control packet overhead in Mobile Ad hoc Networks 1240/DEL/2012 Delhi India 23 Apr, 2012
20 Dr. Tanya Singh Improved real Time Analysis for securing Web Server 100/DEL/2012 Delhi India 11 Jan, 2012
21 Dr. Deepak Kumar A system and Methods for Reliability Growth Model 277/DEL/2012 Delhi India 10 Jan, 2012
22 Dr. Himanshu Gupta A Technique & Device for Multiphase Encryption 1318/DEL/2009 A Noida India 31 Dec, 2010
23 Dr. Tanya Singh Improved design of rake transreceiver for the 3G CDMA wireless communication system 732/DEL/2009 Delhi India 18 Mar, 2010