Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Eligibility :

Master’s Degree in Pharmacy from any accredited Indian or Foreign University with a minimum of 55% marks or grade point average.

Duration : 3 Yr(s)
1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.50
1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) :
Course Structure  
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Details of the PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences Programme

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Ph.D. Program at Amity University is offered both regular and part time basis. AIP provides a rigorous background in a range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the preparation of the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists. With efficient faculty members and Students earn a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, concentrating in Drug Discovery or Drug Development. Research in Drug Discovery focuses on areas related to medicinal chemistry, such as small molecule development, natural products isolation and characterization, organic synthesis, chemical biology, rational drug design, pharmacology, toxicology, cellular differentiation, development, and disease. Drug Delivery/development emphasizes principles in physical chemistry, biomaterials, and drug transport, aiming for advances in formulation, drug targeting, and multi-modal therapy. Delivery research includes the solid state chemistry of drugs, nano-pharmacy, biocompatibility, molecular recognition, computational chemistry, and pharmacokinetics.

Programme Focus:

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Ph.D. Program at Amity University is offered both regular and part time basis. Coursework includes

1 Quantitative Techniques: The objective of this course is to make the scholars understand the importance of statistics and basic statistical principles in research. The main emphasis will be on understanding application of various statistical techniques including probability, data collection, presentation, Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion, graphical representations, Hypothesis testing, Co-relation & regression analysis, Common parametric & non parametric testing, Recent advances for computer application in research, Basis of Operating systems, Handling different operating system, Literature survey using Web, handling search engines, Usage of Computer for collecting or analyzing data, Preparing presentation, Research Papers, Data analysis using software techniques, Use of IT software in data analysis and data presentation, MATLAB, SPSS;

2. Research Methodology: This course will enable the Research Scholars to understand and apply basic research methods in their research study including research design, data analysis and report findings for generalizing research conclusion apparently based on the parameters of particular research methods. It includes Health Planning in India, Epidemiology, National Health, programmes, National Organizations, International health Plan, Public Health of Mental & Neurological Disorder with particular reference to India, Methods of Literature survey, planning and designing a Research problem, Hypothesis, Research modeling, Research proposals, Plagiarism, Academic publishing and peer review, Research & Development Importance of IPR, Patents & IPR, INDA/NDA/ANDA,CTD documentations, Copyrights, Trademarks & Related Rights, Rights arising from Trademark registration, GLP. GCP, GMP, FDP and INSA guidelines, Research process and steps in conducting research, Research design, Research Fundamentals, Data collection methods, Scaling techniques, Editing, Coding, tabulating and validation of data etc.

Other than coursework, candidate need to plan out research, execute with possible outcome patent, publications, thesis or dissertation etc

Scope of the PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Drug discovery

Novel target identification and validation

Pharmacological screening of NCEs


Clinical Research

Health care and Medical Research

Patents & IPR

Cosmetics and Neutraceuticals

Safety and Toxicity

Private Entrepreneurship

Drug regulatory affairs




Advanced materials and delivery system

Patents & IPR


QC & QA Testing

Private Entrepreneurship

Private Entrepreneurship


Drug regulatory affairs