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Amity Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (AIPAS)

Welcome to the Institute

Amity Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (AIPAS) is an integral part of Amity Group, under the patronage of Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF) & Ritnand Balved Medical Foundation (RBMF). Institute is running at Amity University Uttarpradesh, Noida , sector125. Amity Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences imparts undergraduate - B.Sc in Medical Physiology: full time 3years program and postgraduate -M.Sc in Medical Physiology: full time 2 years program.

Physiology is a study of cellular, tissues, and organ function in the human body.  The courses are presented in a lecture/discussion format with appropriate audio visual aids to emphasize selected concepts. Experiments are performed in the laboratory to illustrate functional characteristics of cells, membranes, and organ systems discussed in lecture and to provide direct experience with lab techniques, recording systems, and methods of data analysis. Physiology is the science of the processes governing life. It describes the physical, biochemical and information processing functions of living systems at the level of the entire organism, the organs and the cells. The Institute provides under-graduate and post-graduate education. It carries out research in various disciplines of physiology.

The ultimate goal of the Institute is to prepare Physiologist who will acquire sound knowledge of physiology and will apply their expertise in the medical field and will also be able to work as an excellent physiologist in the global aspects. In order to meet its obligation in teaching, research, scholarly activities, practice of service, Amity Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences strives to maintain high quality of faculty who are excellent teachers and researchers and their contributions are remarkable in the field of physiology. 

Amity Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences is a leading research institute in the field of basic, applied and pathological physiology. The academic and educational endeavors of its experts aim to enhance the fundamental knowledge on all the systems of human body like cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestion & metabolism, endocrine system, renal system, reproductive system and brain functions etc thus paving the way to novel diagnostic and therapeutic procedures required to tackle serious medical conditions in human beings.


  1. Responsibility to give bright future/placement/ career growth to the students
  2. Course contents/curriculum  has to be well defined 
  3.  HOI has to be visionary to see the changes likely to come in next 5 years 
  4.  Infrastructure /physical facility must be provided to students which affects admission
  5. Recruitment of good faculty for maintaining academic excellence 
  6. Organizational structure is essential for growth of the Institute
  7. Motivate faculty/students  to bring research excellence 
  8. Student leaders who can manage and lead change across diverse organizations will be encouraged  for higher study and to achieve global exposure  
  9. HOI should be  committed towards innovation,knowledge-sharing,openess  for students  
  10. To make every student successful  by helping them become global leaders who can manage and lead change across diverse organizations 


Message from the HOI:

  1. Welcome to  Amity Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences  for studying B. Sc Medical Physiology & M. Sc Medical Physiology at Amity  University  Uttarpradesh. The revolutionary advances in cell and molecular biology as well as in genetic engineering in the past half-a-century have provided spectacular insights into our understanding of structure and function of physiological systems at the molecular, cellular and sub-cellular levels. Medical physiology embraces the concepts of cell/molecular physiology, biochemistry and applies these concepts and experimental approaches to understand the function at the level of whole animal or organ.
  2. Medical physiology, which investigates the mechanisms of human body function, provides us with scientific guidelines for healthy living and scientific knowledge that forms the basis for elucidating the mechanisms of disease pathogenesis. The AIPAS  is a research institute for research and education on  physiology. The human brain is the key organ which makes a human being a ‘roseau pensant’ (a thinking reed). Also, the brain regulates and controls other organs and tissues in the human body through interactions with them. The first mission of the institute  is to conduct cutting-edge research in the physiological sciences at many levels --from the molecule to the system or whole organism--and to elucidate the mechanisms of living body function by integrating the research results from
Scope of Physiology:
  1. Academics – As Faculty member in Teaching Institutions (Medical colleges /allied health sciences or paramedical colleges) 
  2. Biomedical Companies - Ranbaxy /Cipla/Glaxo/Mankind/ Dabar etc
  3. Indian Civil Services
  4. University Laboratories as Research Assistant /Associate
  5. Hospital Research Laboratories as Research Assistant /Associate
  6. Health Sciences Agencies
  7. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology fields
  8. Scientists in R&D  of  reputed Biomedical companies
  9. Marketing Executive
  10. Clinical Research Associate
  11. Clinical Data Analyst
  12. Manager Quality Assurance (QA)