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Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences (AIPS) is an unique Institution offering UG, PG, BA+MA (dual), and PhD Academic Professional Programmes in the fields of Applied Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Child & Adolescent Psychology, and Behavioural Sciences. AIPS has highest number of enrolled students of Psychology in India.

The Institutes Academic programmes are innovative on account of their applicability and utility, that aims at inculcating deeper level of Spiritual and Human Values for understanding self and Society at large. Programmes offered at this Institute provide opportunities for increased self-awareness and present strategies to enable individuals to enhance their Personal and Professional growth. Focused approach of the Institutes is to make a difference in each individual’s life by helping them unfold their own talents and potentialities.

Academic Professional Programmes offered at AIPS

  1. PhD in Psychology
  2. MA in Counselling Psychology
  3. MA in Applied Psychology
  4. MA in Clinical Psychology
  5. MA in Organizational Psychology
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Psycho Oncology
  8. BA (H) Applied Psychology
  9. BA (H) Applied Psychology International
  10. BA (H) Applied Psychology 3 Continent
  11. B.Sc. Clinical Psychology
  12. Integrated BA-MA (Clinical Psychology)

At Amity University, Psychology is not merely a field of education but a way of life. We aspire to take psychology to the masses and spread the message of positivity far and wide thereby creating a more wholesome, happy and healthy society. Therefore, a very essential component of AIPS is to enhance the Personality of all the students through compulsory Behavioural Science Course as a Value Added Course of Amity University. AIPS believes in not only developing the overall persona of an individual in their personal and professional life but also inculcating human values and grooming them to be a good human being. Behavioural science courses taught at UG and PG levels are:

Under Graduate Behavioural Science Courses:

  1. Understanding Self for Effectiveness
  2. Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
  3. Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Management
  4. Group Dynamics and Team Building
  5. Individual, Society and Nation
  6. Stress and Coping Strategies
  7. Personal and Professional Excellence
  8. Behavior Techniques for Professionals
  9. Positive Personal Growth
  10. Career Management

Post Graduate Behavioural Science Courses:

  1. Self Development & Interpersonal Skills
  2. Behavioral Communication and Relationship Management
  3. Leading Through Teams
  4. Personal And Professional Excellence
  5. Individual, Society and Nation
  6. Positivity and Happiness

Other Key Areas of Competencies:

  • Career Testing and Counselling for IX & X Students
  • Counselling services for general population
  • Support to Amity Centre for Guidance & Counselling
  • Personality & Behavioral Skills Training in-house and outside Amity: In Schools, Corporate, Government Organizations, Public Sectors, Hospitals and NGOs
  • Psychological Testing & Assessment Centre
  • Amity Wisdom Scale published by National Psychological Corporation, Agra.

Dr. Rick Levy, Chair Professor, Mind Body Medicine and Human Potential at AUUP. Clinical Psychologist from US & a pioneer in the field of mind-body-medicine and quantum-level thought.

We believe positive thinking and positive human behavior are pre-requisite in the promotion of health, prevention of diseases and building human strengths for Happy & Successful Life. The goal of all Professional Academic and Training Programmes is to facilitate the experiential insight in our self and realize our true nature to access one’s full potential to become fully functional human beings to contribute to the Society, and Harmony being the first and foremost fundamental principle for the development, growth and success of Self and Society. Thus the Institute objective is to create harmony within one self and with others living in the whole world.


To provide education at all levels in all disciplines of modern times and in the futuristic and emerging frontier areas of knowledge, learning and research and to develop the overall personality of students by making them not only excellent professionals but also good individuals, with understanding and regard for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of right and wrong and yearning for perfection and imbibe attributes of courage of conviction and action.


To provide excellent education at par with international standards to professionally train students who will become Psychologists/Mental Health Professionals making careers in scientific psychology and scientifically-based professional practices. The emphasis of all Psychology programmes is on the principles of scholarly excellence leading to analytical skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, and wide-ranging humanistic services to focus on preventive and curative approaches to promote Positive Mental Health in society. Thus, creating Critical Work-Force groomed to provide services in various settings namely, educational institutions, government institutions, corporate, primary and tertiary heath care setting, policy developing institutes and regard for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of right and wrong and yearning for perfection and imbibe attributes of courage and conviction and action.

Head of the Institution’s Message

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AIPS set up in 2005 in Amity University, Noida has a glorious past and has grown leaps and bounds over the years. It is one of the oldest and largest Psychology institutes in India, among the private universities. The institute offers Undergraduate programmes, Postgraduate programmes, Integrated programmes, and PhD degrees in Psychology. These academic programmes are offered in the fields of Applied Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Clinical Psychology. In addition to these, it also offers Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology and Post Graduate Diploma in Psycho-oncology.

The objective of the institution is to provide excellent education and train the learners to become psychologists or mental health professionals, contributing in the fields of human development, health care, academia, industrial or business settings, social work and policy making. It is always our endeavour to keep the curriculum updated, aligned with the needs of the industry, NEP and regulatory bodies. Along with academics, the learners are prepared for the future with a balanced focus on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The diversity in our classrooms contributes towards developing social awareness among the learners. Apart from internships and lab training, our learners undertake research projects and dissertation on relevant issues, under the guidance of highly qualified faculty members. We believe not only in the holistic development of our learners but also inculcating human values and grooming them to be socially responsible individual/professionals. Our alumni, while bringing laurels to the institute, visit their alma mater and add value through their varied contributions. We are committed to, and always welcome onboard all our stakeholders, to partner with us and help us impart the best.