Dramatics and Fine Arts Club

With its unwavering belief in inclusion, commitment, dedication and perseveration the ‘Dramatics and Fine Arts Club’ is a forum for all thespians and maestros of AIPS. The club focuses on the various forms of drama - theatre, stage plays, street plays, short films, mono-acts, improvisation acts, scriptwriting etc. along with creating several aesthetically pleasing paintings, sketches and sculptures all with the unswerving aim to increase awareness on mental health through their form of expression.

‘Litharsis’- Literary Club

A true paradise for thinkers, readers, and writers, “Litharsis”- the literary club of AIPS is the place where students are free to think, read, write and have discussions about every topic that strikes their fancy. By artfully blending literature and psychology together, Litharsis provides a platform to the students of AIPS to be the protagonist of their stories and share their experiences through debates, poetry, stories, and a lot more.

Dance and Music Club

Dance and music, some of the best forms of human expression and enthusiastic students of AIPS are no strangers to enliven any event with their melodious voices and breath-taking moves. From the flawless celebration of Indian heritage through classical music and dance forms and music to setting the stage ablaze with the latest tunes and hip hop moves, the graceful participants of the dance and music club of AIPS have always rendered a much needed respite from the bustling modern life.

Psy-Spiritual and Peace Club

With its quirky and colourful ways, Psy-Spirtual and Peace Club of AIPS, aims to put forth an invigorated and modern perspective on mental health. By highlighting the developments and advancements that have occurred in psychology as a discipline, the club educates students about the various aspects of their mental health through the medium of various innovative activities that encourage self-expression and stimulate robust discussions on importance of mental health.

Photography Club-‘Tilted Tripods’

With their glimmering lights and shining lenses, Tilted Tripods, the photography club of AIPS department is growing tremendously with each passing day. The club aims to capture every vibrant moment around the campus and with the help of their skillful shutterbugs has successfully covered all the major events of AIPS, including Convocation, Farewell, Amity Youth Fest and several workshops that are conducted in the department.