International Conference on Early Childhood Development For Children with Intellectual Disabilities (12th - 13th September, 2019)


AIRS is one such institution which endeavors and continuously strives for excellence towards the delivery of services to the persons with developmental disabilities; developing appropriate models of care for persons with developmental disabilities; and identifying, conducting and coordinating research in assessment, education, training and rehabilitation of persons with developmental disabilities.



Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (AIRS), Noida under the overall guidance of Amity Foundation for Developmental Disabilities, which is the integral part of Amity University Uttar Pradesh, is a centre of excellence for quality education in special education with its strategic focus on emerging trends.



Through constant professional endeavors, empowering the persons with disabilities to access the state-of-the-art rehabilitation intervention viz., educational, therapeutic, vocational, employment, leisure and social, sports and cultural programmes and full participation.



To use resources of Amity and collaborate with Government and Non-Government stakeholders at National and International level for best resource mobilization towards initiating/improving every required services for individuals with disabilities.

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