Date: December 2020-May 2021

Mansi Rawat (Class XI), participated in the first ever six month long intercultural exchange programme between Amity Group of Schools, India and Schildt High School, Finland organised to enhance the knowledge of students regarding Parliamentary systems of India and Finland. Fifteen students from Amity Group of Schools and 14 students from Schildt High School, Finland, participated in five virtual Indo - Finnish meets during which they showcased video presentations of their nations, traditional dance forms, music, and art, etc. They heartily shared about life, study and school, families, curriculum, exam pattern, structure of school days and holidays, assessments, assignments, awards and recognitions, etc of their respective schools and nations. Mr. Devesh Kumar, Member of Bihar Legislative Council, gave an insight into Indian Parliamentary system highlighting the cultural and political similarities between India and Finland while focussing on their rich diversities. Mr. Joonas Könttä, Finnish Member of Parliament and city councillor of Jyväskyläis, and Henna Maria Virkunen, Member of European Parliament, gave an insight into Finnish Parliamentary system to the students.