ISSN : 2582-25127 (Print), 2456-6616 (Online)
RNI no. : UPENG/2017/76007

Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Rana
Amity University Greater Noida Campus

From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief

With the publication of this latest issue of Amity Journal of Computational Sciences (AJCS), it has completed its 4th year production cycle with great success. In total, we have published 9 issues and 69 number of papers in this scholarly journal, covering the range of computational sciences and related areas in a space of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). When we initiated the Journal, the editorial team, the publisher, and the owner of this journal, we had only one goal in mind: to produce a high-quality journal in the computational sciences field that our peers and readers will be proud of. As the editor-in-chief and together with my fellow editors and other editorial staff, we are happy to report that we are achieving our milestones which we have defined.

Amity Journal of Computational Sciences is a research quality conscious journal and keen to include the papers with quantitative discussion related to why and how the proposed/ analysed/ discussed technology, concept, process etc. is a significant technical improvement in its area, within the scope of journal. Its sole purpose is to bring together research scholars, practicing scientists, and industrialists from across the world, and also from wide spectrum of engineering and management domains, onto a common platform. The findings are surprising and serve to remind us for the need to engage in purposive research and development. We conclude every issue with selected quality paper from numerous research papers submitted to us. We hope reading the journal will prove to be of great use to these research seekers. Perhaps, reader will be triggered to engage in a research project to explore a question related to your concerns.

As Amity Journal of Computational Sciences passes this milestone, the editorial team would like to thank our many reviewers who helped to maintain the journal’s standard; our many authors who submitted their best work to the journal; and, most important, our readers for your continuing support.

Please help us grow by citing articles that you read in Amity Journal of Computational Sciences. We look forward to receiving your contributions in the near future too.

Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Rana

In this issue, we are pleased to publish papers that focus on the importance of knowing the business as well as safeguarding the interests of the societies in which organizations operate. Arguing that in today's increasingly diverse civilizations, it is critical for libraries to collect titles featuring individuals and their valued explorations on varied backgrounds and experiences.

The journal recognizes the contributions from other disciplines. This would make the journal expanding, enriching with theory, research and practice pertaining to almost every business aspect. It will also encourage submissions from researchers, students, and practitioners from all fields of business research.