ISSN : 2582-25127 (Print), 2456-6616 (Online)
RNI no. : UPENG/2017/76007

It is with immense satisfaction that we bring out the latest issue of Amity Journal of Computational Sciences (AJCS). This issue contains various important topics, such as Software Reliability, Quality, Optimization, Multi Attribute Utility Theory etc.

These research papers are of great relevance to the academia, researcher scholar and STEM community, in the areas of Reliability& Optimization. Topics like Query based video retrieval using Vector Quantization, Linear and Circular polarization techniques used in creating antennas and hybrid algorithm of Particle Swarm Optimization, Challenges in cyber-physical system design, Simulated Annealing & Tabu Search algorithms are appropriately highlighted and applied from the engineering world in this issue. Additionally, quality assessment tools, effectiveness measurement of Information system and various optimization techniques to improve current business scenarios are offered to exclusive reader base.

While shortlisting research papers we endeavored to include original works in the field of software reliability engineering & networking. The authors have attempted to offer fault detection and optimisation techniques under a multi modular and multi fault severities present in software. The market share matrix has been very aptly brought out by the author in his paper based on case study on how to measure market share of a company and its competitors.

The editors are grateful to all the authors, who have made significant contributions and could submit their papers to this latest issue of the Journal. There were few papers which were not included as there was no novelty in the contents and plagrism of more than 20%. The editors also extend their sincere acknowledgment to several reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions which helped in improving the quality of thepapers. We hope that this issue makes significant contributions in the field of Software Testing, Reliability, Quality, Engineering, Optimization Techniques and Management.