The unique Mentor-Mentee concept is an integral part of Amity Education system which ensures a constant interaction between the faculty and the students. It is a program where the mentees are getting nurtured and cared by mentors. At AUUP, mentoring system is four –tier model where all tier owner works in collaboration for the overall growth of the mentee. Under this system a faculty member is assigned to a group of students to counsel them on their academic and personal concerns. Their experience will help you gain the confidence and skills you need to be a corporate success. At Amity the mentor-mentee bond has grown even deeper during this pandemic when the dynamics on both professional and personal front are changing. The work cultures are changing and there is more pressure on the education sector for training the students for the upcoming challenges. Amidst all this Mentor-Mentee emerges as the solution to many problems since the mentor is only a guide but a friend and philosopher as well. Through the mentoring system our dedicated faculty mentors caters to the students happiness and well -being. At amity Mentors will always help you throughout your journey to success.

In addition to this the Amity counseling services have been set up where expert counselors provide counseling to help students overcome their professional and personal problems.

  1. Help a better understanding of self
  2. Provide an insight into the work environment in which they would work
  3. Provide relevance to their program of studies
  4. Assist students to be better e quipped to have control over their futures.
  5. Promote amongst students a better evaluation of relevant careers and subjects pursued.
  6. Greater understanding about the field or industry of their interest
  7. Enhancement of skills
  8. Greater confidence and self-esteem
  9. Learn about potential career options from someone who has been in their shoes
  10. Obtain practical advice from a different perspective
  11. Network with professionals in his field of interest & expose themselves to the professional environment
  12. Learn about the operations of a specific company and industry
  13. Share their educational and career aspirations
  14. Encouragement
  15. Seamless Transition from academics to real work Life