Debate Club

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” –


Broadside, the debating society of Amity School of Economics, provides a forum to discuss and ideate views regarding social, economic and cultural issues. It helps students hone their analytical and oratory skills while nurturing the talent of public speaking.

With the ever-increasing intolerance among people and the need to create an understanding environment for everyone to speak out about their views, Broadside provides a platform for creative and interpretative expression of ideas.
Keeping with its motto – “Be a voice, not an echo”,the debating society has organised many competitions which try to bring forth the differences of opinions such as “Agree to Disagree”. It also focuses on developing a better understanding of wide-ranging issues such as the impact of dissent in a democracy, the economic impact of Covid-19, essence of Sanskrit and Vedas and many more such events, to spread social consciousness and widen the worldview of students.
History is filled with great debaters who have helped shape the world we live in and Broadside aims to cultivate such talent and provide a conducive environment for personal growth, gaining broad, multi-faceted knowledge, apart from the unique educational benefits.

Knockout- Debate competition

Ice breaker session

The democracy debate

Disquisition- Lockdown competition