Student's Testimonials

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Vanshika Kesarwani
Student of Bachelor of Hotel Management (Batch 2022-26)

My name is Vanshika Kesarwani , and I am from Prayagraj and currently pursuing a Bachelors Of Hotel Management from Amity University Noida. I would like to share my experience of studying in Amity.

The faculty members of Amity School of Hospitality are very humble and brilliant. The method they educate the student is incredibly pleasant and easy to understand. They are really kind and helpful towards students. I achieved the remarkable position of Rank 1 in theclass and all credit goes to our outstanding faculty members .

Thankyou Amity

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R. Sangeetha
Bachelor of Hotel Management (Batch 2020-24)

As a student at Amity School of Hospitality, I have been continually impressed by the dedication of the faculty and the quality of education provided. The hands-on approach to learning has allowed me to gain valuable practical experience, complementing the theoretical knowledge imparted in the classroom. The facilities and resources available on campus have greatly enhanced my learning journey, enabling me to excel in various aspects of hospitality management. Moreover, the supportive and nurturing environment at Amity University Noida has fostered personal and professional growth, preparing me to thrive in the dynamic hospitality industry. “

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Sachman Kaur Chandhok
Bachelor of Hotel Management Batch 2021-25

Attending the Amity School of Hospitality has been a transformative journey, shaping my understanding of the dynamic hospitality industry. The institute's comprehensive curriculum not only delved into theoretical aspects but also provided hands-on experiences, allowing me to hone practical skills crucial in this field. Engaging with industry professionals during workshops and internships enhanced my perspective, fostering a deep appreciation for the intricacies of managing diverse facets within hospitality. The collaborative learning environment and exposure to real-world scenarios have not only enriched my knowledge but also instilled a sense of adaptability and resilience, essential qualities in the fast-paced realm of hospitality. Overall, my time at the institute has been invaluable, equipping me with a solid foundation to thrive in the exciting and multifaceted world of hospitality.


Sachman Kaur Chandhok 

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Manvi Raghav
Student of Bachelor of Hotel Management ( Batch 2023-27)

I, grateful for the scholarship that has been provided to me for completing my education. The first year for me at Amity Noida has taught me a lot. There has been an overall growth. 

The faculty is one of the most impressive parts of learning at the Amity School of Hospitality. The teachers here are not only professionals in their professions, but they are also passionate about teaching and developing each student's potential. Their personable demeanour, eagerness to offer advice, and desire to ensuring that we fully comprehend the subject demonstrate their commitment to our success.

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Bachelor of Hotel Management(Batch 2020-24)

As a student at Amity School of Hospitality, Amity Noida, I can confidently say that my experience here has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I was welcomed into a vibrant community that prioritizes academic excellence, personal growth, and real-world experience. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

One of the standout aspects of studying at Amity School of Hospitality is the faculty. The professors here are not only experts in their fields but also passionate about imparting knowledge and nurturing the potential of each student. Their dedication to our success is evident in their approachable nature, willingness to provide guidance and commitment to ensuring that we understand the material thoroughly.

I am truly grateful for my enriching experience at Amity School of Hospitality, Amity University Noida. The vibrant campus atmosphere, world-class faculty, and cutting-edge curriculum have broadened my knowledge and nurtured my passion for hospitality. The hands-on approach to learning and industry exposure has prepared me for a successful career in the dynamic world of hospitality. Amity School of Hospitality is not just an educational institution; it's a nurturing ground for future leaders in the hospitality industry.

Overall, my time at Amity School of Hospitality has been advantageous. Not only am I gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry, but I am also forming lifelong connections and memories that I will cherish forever. I wholeheartedly recommend Amity Noida to anyone passionate about pursuing a career in hospitality.