About Us

Being the Best Private University in Bihar makes us proud.

Amity University Patna is a centre for higher education that provides research opportunities in various subject areas in addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees. This university is known for its varied academic programs and encourages students to develop their critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and research abilities. It acts as a centre for innovation, knowledge generation, and dissemination.

With a vast array of academic programs in the humanities, sciences, engineering, business, and the arts, AU Patna offers students a platform to explore their interests and passions. Our professors are usually experts in their disciplines and support students in their academic endeavours by serving as mentors and researchers for the academic community.

AU Patna plays a crucial role in societal development by producing skilled professionals and contributing to research advancements. It also serves as a centre for recreational and cultural events, fostering a well-rounded educational experience. Student organisations, athletics, and cultural activities are all part of AU PATNA campus life, which builds a sense of community among the students. Amity University moulds the leaders, intellectuals, and inventors of the future by emphasising the preparation of students for the problems in the future.

Special features

  • 100 mbps Wi-Fi at every corner
  • Well-equipped computer labs
  • Huge library with digital access
  • CCTV camera coverage
  • Audio-Visual facility,
  • AC classrooms
  • High-end conference hall and spacious seminar hall
  • Printing facilities,
  • Language lab with communication helpdesks