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Welcome to the Amity International Business School (AIBS) Stock Investment Contest! You can now register yourself at https://forms.gle/PNQDfFNnJs6CNsz56

This contest is an online investment simulation where participants can learn about finance, strategy- building and teamwork. The focus of the competition is financial literacy and developing an investment culture among students. Even if you are gaining portfolio value, but you’re not building a strategy, then you don’t have a shot at winning the competition.

Defining your strategy early is essential to doing well. You can change it as you go, absolutely! But you need to think strategically the moment you make your team.

Details you need to know:

  • Each team must have minimum 2 members and a maximum of 5 members. The team must have a team leader who will be contacted for each update through email. No student can be in more than one team.
  • Each team member (including the leader) is responsible for at least one sector. The sectors are provided in the guidebook. Teams are required to invest in at least as many sectors as there are team members. For example, a team with 3 members needs to invest in a minimum of 3 different sectors. That team can invest in more than 3 sectors if they choose to do so.
  • Each team may have an Advisor. An advisor can be a teacher, another educator, a parent or a business professional from your community. The role of the advisor is to help you learn the concepts and investment terms, navigate trading platforms, analyzing your investment strategy and to motivate you to complete the competition. However, it is not mandatory for the teams to have an advisor.
  • Teams can choose their own name and be creative with it. The name you select must be the username of your DSIJ account. We believe that the teams shall use good judgement in selecting the name. Team names that are offensive will be automatically disqualified.
  • Students from different Institutes, Colleges and Universities can compete on the same team. Kindly register for the contest using the team leader’s Institute.

***Once the registration is complete, students cannot leave, join or change their teams. Doing so will lead to an automatic disqualification of the team.

Attractive prizes await those who make their way to the top! But ensure that you read the instructions carefully before going ahead with your strategy. The instruction manual includes all the rules and tools you’ll need to get started and navigate the 8 weeks of Dalal Street Investment Journal’s (DSIJ)trading and investment strategy development.

For any further queries, please feel free to get in touch with AIBS Stock Investment Contest Team. We hope you will participate and encourage others to do so as well! Good luck!

Best Wishes,

AIBS Stock Investment Contest Team
Amity University, Noida
Student Coordinator – Aishmeet Singh
Faculty Coordinator – Dr. Namita Sahay

Presented by – Amity International Business School (AIBS), Amity University, Sector 125, Noida

Region – Delhi NCR, India
Registration Deadline - November 15, 2019 (Friday)
Registration Link https://forms.gle/PNQDfFNnJs6CNsz56
Registration Fee No Registration Fee
Eligibility – Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA Students


Winners – Rs. 25,000 + e-certificate
2nd Position – Rs. 15,000 + e-certificate
3rd Position – Rs. 10,000 + e-certificate
(Pictures of the winners will also be displayed on INBUSH Website)

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Student Coordinators

Name Email ID Contact No.
Aishmeet Singh aish97singh@gmail.com +91-8700447424
Gitika Khosla aibsfinanceteam2019@gmail.com +91-9711955466

Faculty Coordinator

Name Email ID Contact No.
Dr. Namita Sahay nsahay@amity.edu +91-8130405724

Contest Manual (Rules and Guidelines)

These instructions contain the rules and guidelines that you will need to go through the 8 week investment competition organized by Amity International Business School with the help of Dalal Street Investment Journal’s (DSIJ) platform for trading and investment.
Before you begin, you must keep this in mind that the amount of profits you make from your investments does will not matter when it comes to judging you for the contest. What will matter is your overall strategy and plan for investment. Secondly, you must understand that the virtual money assigned to you is not yours, it belongs to your client (refer case study). So you must handle the money carefully.

Case Study

Client – Mrs. Sara Sharma

You are a newly hired Analyst in an up and coming Portfolio Management Company called Alpha Asset Management (AAM). The Firm currently manages Rs. 50,00,00,000 portfolio invested in various sectors. You dream one day is to become the Portfolio Manager who makes the final investment decisions for AAM’s Portfolio.

AAM’s current Portfolio Manager recently met a potential client Mrs. Sara Sharma, a professional with deep interest in Technology and Entrepreneurship. She graduated with a Computer Science degree and her love for entrepreneurship led her to start her own cloud computing company named Gideon Cloud Pvt. Ltd. along with two of her college friends in 2011. She believes in true integration of both technology and entrepreneurship. She currently has a surplus of Rs. 10,00,000 which she wants to invest. Sara lives in Delhi with her husband and her 8 year old son. Her husband, Prashant Sharma owns an export business in Karol Bagh. Whatever he earns goes towards daily household expenses. She is planning to buy Toyota Innova 2.7 VX 7S within two years and she requires to pay a down payment of Rs. 6,25,000, Further EMI of Rs. 30,000 every month for 60 months. She wants to buy a house worth Rs. 40, 00, 000 for which she will have to take a home loan for 15 years. She wants to invest in such a way that she can have certain amount for her son’s education, which she estimates to be Rs. 7,00,000. She also wishes to spend Rs. 3,00, 000 to travel around the world with her family every year. She also mentioned that a small portion of the portfolio – 10% - should be allocated to short term liquidity to support Gideon Cloud Pvt. Ltd. Sara has informed the portfolio manager that AAM has 8 weeks to compile a detailed portfolio analysis proposal.

Your Portfolio Manager sees that Sara is not going to be an easy client to impress as she is talking about her plans with other talented asset management firms (other teams) as well. It has hence become important to make a convincing proposal to Sara. Your portfolio manager tells you that this is your opportunity to gain good reputation within the company.

Over the next 8 weeks, your team needs to develop and test an investment strategy using only the sectors given in the contest manual. You must understand Sara’s short term and long term requirements, risk profile, study the market thoroughly and invest the money using the Dalal Street Investment Journal’s virtual trading platform (DSIJ). The majority of your investments should be long-term and therefore won’t require excessive buying and selling of stocks. Some active trading may well be necessary to fulfill Sara’s short term goals.

Your team will start out with a portfolio of Rs. 10, 00, 000 in virtual cash and will compete against participants from various Institutes/ Colleges and Universities. At the end of 8 weeks of trading, you will require to submit a proposal detailing your recommended investment strategy.

Judges will review your final investment report and select the top teams. Those teams will be invited to present their strategy to a panel of experts on 19th February 2020 in INBUSH (International Business Horizon) 2020 organized by Amity International Business School.


October 25, 2019 (Friday) – Registration Opens
November 15, 2019 (Friday) – Registration Closes
November 17, 2019 (Sunday) – Contest Joining credentials will be shared
November 18, 2019 (Monday) – First day of trading
December 16, 2019 (Monday) – Mid-Project team review (on mail)
December 22, 2019 (Sunday) – Results of Mid Project team review
January 13, 2020 (Monday) – Last day of trading
January 20, 2020 (Sunday) – Last date of submission for Final Strategy report for Pre-Finale evaluation
February 3, 2020 (Monday) – Announcement of Results for Pre- Finale evaluation
February 19, 2020 (Wednesday) – Final Presentation in Amity Campus

Top teams selected in Pre – Finale evaluation will be invited to AIBS Amity University, Noida Sector - 125 Campus to present their strategy to a Panel of Experts.


  • For payment of registration fee online through NEFT/RTGS mode kindly refer to the following details:

    Name of the Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce
    Address of the bank branch: AIS, Sector – 44, Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, Pin – 201 301
    IFSC Code of the bank branch: ORBC0101001 (MICR CODE: 110022107)
    Account No.: 10012261000054
    PAN No.: AAATR7314Q
    TAN No.: MRTR01670E
    Name of the Beneficiary as per bank records: Amity Sponsorship Account After making the payment fill up the registration form given below

  • Make a team and register using the Google forms registration link - https://forms.gle/PNQDfFNnJs6CNsz56 . The registration includes registration fees of Attach a screenshot of the payment receipt in the Google form to complete the registration.
  • Once the registration is done, you will receive a username and password on the registered email address from Dalal Street Investment Journal. You can log in using the following link - https://www.dsij.in/GameLogin
  • Next, you need to join the Competition Server. This can be done by going to the “Join Contest” Tab or go to - https://www.dsij.in/join-contest . You need to select the contest name and enter the Key which will be provided to you one day before the trading starts, that is, on November 10 (Sunday). These details will be provided to you via the email you entered at the time of registration.
  • Once you join the contest server, you will be assigned Rs. 10, 00, 000 which you will use to create your portfolio.
  • Do read the DJIS rules and feel free to take the DJIS tutorial before you begin to understand how the platform works.
  • Contact the AIBS team in case of any issue faced whiles the above process


  • Team Members - Each team is required to maintain at least 2 members and a maximum of 5 members. Each team must have a team leader who will be contacted for each update through email. Each participant can nominate for one team only. Each team member (including the leader) is responsible for at least one sector. The sectors are provided in the contest manual. Teams are required to invest in at least as many sectors as there are team members. For example, a team with 3 members needs to invest in a minimum of 3 different sectors. That team can invest in more than 3 sectors if they chose to do so.
  • Team Advisor - There is an option for teams can have an Advisor. An advisor can be a teacher, another educator, a parent or a business professional from your community. The role of the advisor is to motivate you to complete the competition and provide you knowledge about the basics of investing. It is not mandatory for the teams to have an advisor.
  • Team Name – Teams can chose their own name and have fun with it. Please use good judgment. The name you select must be the username of your DSIJ account. Team names that are vulgar or offensive will be automatically disqualified.
  • Others – Participants from different institutes can compete on the same team. When you register for the contest select the team leader’s institute. ***Once the registration is complete, Participants cannot leave, join or change their teams. Doing so will lead to an automatic disqualification.


he top three winners will receive certificates and cash prize as follows –

  • Winners – Rs. 25,000 + e-certificate
  • Second Position – Rs. 15,000 + e-certificate
  • Third Position – Rs. 10,000 + e-certificate

Pictures of the winners will also be displayed on INBUSH Website


Teams will be judged on how well they develop and articulate their investment strategies and their competitive experiences and not on the percentage gains on their portfolio. There will be three levels of judging –

  1. Mid-Project Team Review – The mid-project report is the first gateway of elimination. Candidates who do not have a proper plan or those who fail to submit a Mid-project Report will be eliminated from the Competition. A proper format for mid-project submission will be provided.
  2. Pre-Finale Report – A final draft of your 8 week report will be judged. Top teams with the best strategy will be selected to appear for the final round of presentation.
  3. Final Presentation – The top selected teams will be required to present their Investment Strategy in front of a Panel of Judges. These judges will decide the Top Three Ranks of the competition on the basis of the plan, presentation and execution. (The teams can also give their final presentations through Skype or Zoom Cloud).

Again, the percentage of profits doesn’t matter. If your Strategy is not good, you won’t survive in the competition.

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • IT and ITES Sector
  • Health care
  • Telecommunication
  • FMCG
  • Automobile Sector
  • Infrastructure Sector
  • Renewable Energy Sector
  • Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Metal and Mining Sector

Each member is responsible for making investment in at least one sector. The team can make as many or as few stock trades as necessary in developing their strategy.


It is important for each team to defining their strategy before they start investing. The strategy you decide upon must me flexible so that you can change it in future if needed. You need to think strategically the moment you make your team.

Note: ‘Buy low and sell high’ is not a strategy. Strategy may include the use of Industry and company overview, Porter’s Five Force Model (competitive analysis), SWOT analysis (Risk analysis), financial statement analysis or relative value ratios. You may also have your own unique strategy. We also hope to see a summary of your DSIJ portfolio results.


This code of conduct extends to both team members and the advisors. We trust that you won’t fabricate your investment decisions and analyses or lie about your experience while the project. We also hope that you won’t plagiarize any existing strategies while completing your reports. We expect teams to behave politely and respectfully while communicating with AIBS team. We will not tolerate negative or threatening behavior of any kind and will disqualify teams if necessary.

Ethical consideration is fundamentals to Effective Asset Management.


  • Mid - Project Review Report
    Due: Monday, December 16, 2019
    The report displays that your team is working with a proper strategy. The purpose of the review is to analyze your strategy and provide general feedback about your progress so far. The teams who fail to submit will be eliminated. Teams with no strategy will be eliminated. So it is important to prepare a strategy before you even begin investing. You must share your investment strategy, team’s decision-making process and your top stock holdings in the report. You must also mention the sector identified by you and the name of the companies that you selected within those sectors.
    1. Title Page: Your DSIJ username, Institute name, Team member names.
    2. Formatting: 1-2 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman.
    3. Name of The document: DSIJ Username
    4. Submit in doc or pdf format, not exceeding 5MB.
  • Pre Finale report
    Due: Sunday, January 28, 2020
    1. DSIJ username
    2. Title Page – Team name, Institute name, Team member names
    3. Table of content
    4. Formatting – Page limit 7-15 excluding the cover page and table of content, 12 point format, Times New Roman, Double spaced, 1 Inch margin.
    5. The Submission will be made using the submission link that will be shared to you on your registered email where you will be able to upload and submit your reports.
    6. Submit in doc or pdf format, not exceeding 5MB.


(You will not be penalized if you chose not to follow the suggestions)

There is no wrong or right approach to making your report but make sure that you let us know the why and how for your investing decisions and analysis. You may write about your experience through the project and your teamwork stories. Let us know how you developed your strategy, did your analysis, the models you used and any other portfolio development experience you had. We would appreciate a narrative format rather than a strict list of pointers accompanied by graphs and charts. Be creative and have a logical approach to it.

  • Learn about risk, diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing
  • Develop team work, leadership and communication skills
  • Develop and apply critical thinking and reading skills

Dalal Street Investment journal is equity research and capital investment magazine is published every fortnight to cater to the needs of its reader and investors. The Magazine includes market recommendation, analysis, databanks, tips, expert opinions, hot chips, etc. It also has a mutual fund section for its readers.

DSIJ also conducts a stock market challenge which is a platform for virtual trading. Stock Market Challenge is an online simulation trading game where you create and manage your own portfolio and compete with other players in a risk-free environment. Whether you're new to the stock markets or an experienced investor, this is a powerful tool for building skill, evaluating and tuning your strategy, and gaining important investing experience. It is almost as real as it happens on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) with only 1-2 minute delayed price feed scenario. DSIJ also enables users to create custom contests with their own rules and objectives.

DSIJ Rules

Trading Hours - 9:00 a.m. IST - 4:00 p.m. IST
Security Types - Trade any stock on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) after identifying the sectors.
Exchange and Prices - Trading is with respect to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Stock Prices are delayed by 1-2 minutes.
Brokerage Charges - You will be charged a brokerage fee per stock transaction of any value and size. The brokerage fee applicable is 0.25% per stock value or 0.05 rupee per stock, whichever is maximum. In case the purchase is squared-off the same day then brokerage does not apply on the second side.


Student Coordinator – Aishmeet Singh
Faculty Coordinator – Dr. Namita Sahay
Amity International Business School, Amity University, Sector – 125, Noida