28 Sep 2022-30 Sep 2022|Lucknow

Permanand: Philosophy, Psychology & Physiology of Happiness”

Amity Centre of Excellence for Positivity and Happiness (ACEPH), Amity University Lucknow Campus, organised its first International Online Conference on Happiness & Positivity with the theme “Permanand: Philosophy, Psychology & Physiology of Happiness”, from 28th to 30th September 2022. Despite the knowledge and formulas for Happiness and Positivity, India has been struggling at 136th position in the United Nation’s World Happiness Index Report, 2022, which ranked 146 countries across the globe. Nevertheless, India may rank low on Happiness index, yet it holds a higher rank on Satisfaction index This International Conference witnessed 4 happy days. It started with the three-preconference workshops on healing self, learning skills of mindfulness, and boosting happiness which was conducted by the eminent resource persons Ms Attaman , Dr Saamdu Chetri from Bhutan and Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhari from London who focused on the measurable ways to learn the skill of being happy.

Keynote was delivered by Prof Priyadarshi Patnaik director of Rekhi Centre of science of Happiness IIT Kharagpur. Esteemed Chief Guest of the conference was Dr T.S Powdyel , Former Minister of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan, Bhutan. Some of the other prominent speakers of the conference us eminent international academicians and speakers like Buxin Han from China, Dr. Elizabeth Dewi from Indonesia, Dr Sukanya Ray from Suffolk University Boston, and many more honourable international and national global leaders and resource persons. Over 1500 participants from India and abroad joined in the conference to make it successful

The key issues emerged from the conference

·         Happiness is a choice and practice

·         Requirement of Psychological first aid is the need of the hour

A lot of speakers specially from the West have talked about that too be happy it's imp to be grounded. Dr Powdyel D,r Saamdu Chetri from Bhutan, Dr Elizabeth from Indonesia and speakers from USA emphasized the importance of being associated to your cultural roots, literature. Mindfulness and mindful living were also a key issue raised

Following were the outcomes of the conference

·         Happiness is a choice and practice

·         Psychological first aid is the requirement you

·         Nations’ responsibility to spread Mission Happiness

·         Happiness is a learnable skill

·         Rootedness in our culture promotes happiness

·         Inclusive communities are the happier communities

·        Resources like Happiness Centre, happiness programs and happiness kit should be developed


·         Establishment of Ministry of Happiness to promote peace, Resilience, and positive environment.

The Convener of the conference, Prof. (Dr) Manju Agarwal, DSW & Director ACEPH, Amity Lucknow Campus extended warm welcome to every individual to be a part of this first-of-its-kind conference and explore the true essence of happiness and positivity. The organising secretary of the conference Dr Ritu Tripathi Chakravarty said that this conference recommends the setting up of the ministry of Happiness in every country for making every individual happy and every nation happy.