The academic rigour and approach at ASAP is a unique blend of design, creativity, and objectivity. At ASAP, the budding architects are exposed to thought-provoking and intellectually inspiring sessions through studio sessions, visits to heritage, urban and rural sites, conducting peer reviews and surveys, building documentation, scrutinising landscape plans and concepts, and  promoting research projects to bring out the creative best in students.

The institute boosts hands-on training and experiential learning to undertake academic projects and understand key concepts in architecture and planning. The department has an interdisciplinary approach to academic programmes.

Both theory and practical work are considered the core of academics, including significant inputs by experts in the fields of arts, humanities, engineering and technology, and professional architects. The institute offers a strong foundation of multi-disciplinary skills related to space, construction environments, and aesthetics to the students. The institute enhances students’ skills in drawing, architectural presentation, research and writing, computer applications, and technical & managerial aptitude in problem definition and solution seeking in order to become industry-ready professionals. It is a leading institute in the city for placements of architecture and planning students.

Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Lucknow, with more than 18 faculty members, has a rich ensemble of expert academicians and professionals as core faculty members, holding specialisation in the respective domains of architectural education. The faculty at ASAP comprises professionals, who are alumni of premier architecture and planning institutions in the country like IIT-Roorkee, SPA-New Delhi, CEPT–Ahmedabad, among others, to enrich the innovative pedagogy and dissemination of knowledge under the academic programmes. Experts and professionals with wide experience and specialisations in specific areas of architecture and planning help to bridge the gap between the profession and academia as visiting faculty.