The ASAP has been continuously making strides in grooming students in all fronts of personality development and hone soft skills. The institute has cultural clubs which help in fostering and enhancing hobbies and talents of students. The indigenous clubs under ASAP are:


Cultural Club: Focused on several cultural activities of the institute which are portrayed during cultural fests and as talent portrayal for inter-college competitions during regional and national conventions across the country.


Photography Club: Being hobby centric,  this club finds unique place during the documentation part of assignments especially design projects.

NASA: This club is a preparatory initiative towards encouraging and maintaining the participation level at regional and national conventions of National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA), which is a body supported by all the architectural colleges of the country.

Literary Club : This club is an extension of pedagogical practices and has been made a part of curriculum for 4th and 5th semester students under various disciplines. This club provides students the requisite encouragement to participate in large number of literary conferences and seminars at regional and national level.

These clubs are exclusive activity centers and in many ways part of the pedagogical approach to the courses offered at ASAPL.