29 Apr 2020|Lucknow

Vernacular Architecture towards a holistic understanding

 A webinar on the topic Vernacular Architecture towards a holistic understanding was conducted by ASAPL on 29/04/2020. The guest Speaker of the event was Dr. Prof. Sanjeev Singh, Professor and Dean at Department of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal. The webinar was intended to introduce the fundamentals of Vernacular architecture to the students of architecture and interior design program. The students explored the Vernacular architecture styles of various parts of India by the means of interactive session with the expert. In the process, students learn about the climatic conditions, locally available building materials, techniques, architectural character and art forms prevalent in India. It also encourages the dialogue among student about the global to local discourse of Vernacular styles. The expert was well equipped with an amalgam of experience and technical aspects of the field and well expressive as necessary to interact with the students.