08 May 2020|Lucknow

Covid-19 Impacting Architecture and Development Strategies

 A webinar on Covid-19 Impacting Architecture and Development Strategies was a much needed for the introspection for the world. Conducted on 8/5/2020, the Guest speaker of the webinar, Ar. Ashok Kumar, a renowned name in the country and 37 yrs of experience in the field, focused on how covid-19 has affected our lives and changed the way we lived, worked along with changing our daily routine and the fact that we were all advised to sit in our homes as a measure by the government to reduce the spread of the same.  So this meant that it was an opportunity for not only an individual but also for the world collectively to introspect into their lives and also discuss the feasibility and role play of architecture during the crises. The focus of the event was to know the importance of introspection in situations of crisis as a means to improve lives as spaces, both private and public play a major role during these times. It enabled the participants to know the diverse viewpoints on the same in order to use it for better results in the society. It also focused on the feasibility of the measures taken by the government in the regard for reducing the spread of covid-19 architecturally.