At Amity, we believe that education must inspire innovation. It must find solutions for pressing issues affecting humanity, at large and lead us towards a sustainable future. That's why, at Amity, the faculty, research scholars and students are carrying out path-breaking research across diverse disciplines. Together they are shaping the next level of education.


Amity’s guiding motto for research and innovation has been to find affordable solutions towards real problems. Its mission is to take every innovation and commercially scale it up to benefit every strata of society. From Magic Fungus ‘ROOTONIC’ with ‘magical’ benefits for crops to a low-cost Water Purifier that doesn’t depend on external power supply; from an Iodine based Finger Print Powder that develops latent fingerprints long after any crime’s occurrence to low cost LPG sensor that enhances household safety: Amity innovations find solutions to few of the most pressing issues affecting the world.

List of Patents Granted

Porphyrin functionalized carbon nanotube thin films as sensor for detection of nitrogen dioxide

Varma, A. L., Jain, N., Jain, V. K., Gaor, V., Kumar, P., Srivastava, A. K. (AIARS)

Process for the synthesis of AA-dUTP-Cy3/Cy5- a novel fluorescent labeling agent.

Chaudhuri, P (AIB)

Synthesis of a novel analogue of sorafenib for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Katare, D. P., Kharkwal, H., Bala, K. (AIB)

Development of cinnamon-cumin dual drug loaded poly (d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) coated polymeric nanoparticles for sustained release of anti-diabetic drugs

Sangal, A., Rattan, S. (AIAS)

A fermented immuno-modulator beverage and process for the preparation thereof.

Gupta, C., Prakash, D. (AIHRS)

An improved method for manufacturing extract with atleast 40% Stevioside from Stevia

Joshi, D. D. (AIPP)

Development of reusable transducer matrix based on Nanostructured Polyaniline and application to biosensors

Basu, T., Chauhan, R., Deepsikha (AINT)

A method for preparing the quercetin loaded nanoparticle

Katare, D. P., Bala, K., Kharkwal, H. (AIB)

Multiwalled carbon nanotube/cement composites- based sensors for smoke detection

Jain, V. K., Bhati, V., Vikesh (AIARS)

Detection of Btx Vapors Based on Metal-Tetraphenylporphyrin Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Composite Sensors

Verma, A. L., Saxena, S. (AIAS)

Graphene based chemical sensor for the detection of toxic heavy metal complexes in drinking water

Chakrabarti, S., Sinha, O. P., Mukherjee, M., Moses, J. E. (AINT)

A modified medium for co-cultivation of sebacinales fungi with plants of lamiaceae family

Kharkwal, A. C., Dass A., Varma, A. (AIMT)

Tacrine-quercetin conjugates form for treatment of Alzheimer's diseasee

Katare, D. P., Sharma, P., Jakhmola, R., Bala, K. (AIB)

Prolonged Release Mosquito Repellent Formulations

Bhattacharya, A. (AINT)

P. indica obviates extreme temperature stresses

Varma, A., Jain, V. K., Prasad, S. R. (AIMT)