Advantages of Institute for eg. Startup cell, any skill development program, workshops, training etc.

In ASAP-AUM, workshops are arranged every semester (like bamboo workshop, model making workshop, total station survey, etc.). Guest lectures are also conducted by experts in the field like GIS (Geographic Information System), Building regulation, History of interior design, Set design, Landscape design etc.

Collaborations and trainings/visits

In ASAP – AUM, Students undertake many Case studies of residential / commercial / institutional / public buildings related to their Architecture / Interior Design Topics. Site visits are also arranged, related to the technical subjects like Building Material and Construction Technology, Building Services, Structural design, etc.

Choice based credit system etc

Choice is offered in choosing Foreign language, Elective subjects and Minor track subject (for Interior Design students)

About the campus life and student life @ Amity School of Architecture and Planning


We have students a mix of Day scholars and Hostilities staying in the campus. They enjoy a good fully equipped Studios, Lecture rooms, Canteen, Stationary Shop, Reprography Section, Digital printing, Open air theatre with stage, Permanent Exhibition space, outdoor sports facility, Girls Common lounge, Resource Center, Submission and Examination Room. Climatology / Environment laboratory, Surveying laboratory, Materials Testing laboratory, Electrical / Lighting / Illumination laboratory, Plumbing and Sanitation laboratory, Acoustics laboratory, Material Museum, Digital laboratory, Model making workshop, Carpentry workshop and Fabrication workshop.

Ami – Fest

Students organize Fests like Aminova and Sanrachana where their creative skills are encouraged.

Industrial visits and live projects

Study tours are arranged every year out of Mumbai to study modern and ancient architecture / interior design all over India and Abroad.

Industry interactions

As per the syllabus, each student is supposed to undertake internship of 90 to 100 days in any Interior Design firm /Architects office for industry experience.

E-cell, sports meet, alumni meet etc.

Students take part in Sangathan (an Intra-Amity event) having many extra-curricular activities.

Community outreach activity

Efforts are made to interact with NGO’s like Rotary Club and Lions Club, to provide design solutions by students in charitable projects.


Any other activity for students

Students publish a newsletter ‘Blue Print’ and an annual magazine ‘Anuruha’. Articles, poems, jokes, sketches, drawings etc. made by students / faculty members are published in these.