03 Jan 2020-|Mumbai

Study Tour of Gujarat

Second and Fourth Semester students of Architecture, Interior Design and Planning, accompanied by two faculty members, undertook an eight day study tour of Gujarat, covering the areas in and around Ahmedabad and Bhuj.

Apart from visiting the historic structures, this study tour also aimed at exploring and understanding the buildings built by renowned architects like Charles Correa, Balkrishna Doshi, Bimal Patel, etc. The students also studied the materials and the construction technologies employed in the buildings that they visited.

Students also had an opportunity to do data collection and case study pertaining to the tour based design problem of Hotel at the Dream Resort, Bhuj. They also worked in groups on on-site assignments and did some sketching as well. The campuses and buildings that the students visited include Sabarmati Ashram, CEPT University, IIM, NID, Hunnarshala & Karigarshala. The students also got the opportunity to visit the office and the residence of Hasmukh C. Patel (HCP) and interact with the architects/professionals there.