At AIS it is believed that learning & personal development are enhanced by a healthy lifestyle. In adherence to this belief, the school encourages participation in an active physical education & sports programme. The curriculum makes provision for 2-4 classes a week for the physical training of each student.
At AIS, we teach children a variety of dance styles including western dance even in elementary classes. In music classes we teach children both Indian and western classical music. The child with keen interest in music gets opportunity to pick the instrument of his choice and receives expert guidance to follow his passion up to higher levels.
The school has the facility of a separate art and craft room, where the varied creative interests of the students are taken care of, under the guidance and supervision of fully trained teachers. In these classes not only children learn to appreciate art but also get rich opportunities to actively participate in creative work. The students’ work is also displayed.
In its mission to turn out well-balanced personalities, AIS seeks to provide a judicious blend of curricular and extra curricular activities. AIS implements a sound methodology that seeks to develop in students all the faculties and powers of body, mind, and spirit in a balanced and healthy way.