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4th Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC-2019) - The Transformational Power of Enablement: Combining Innovation and Efficiency

Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC-2019)

Date: 27th - 28th Feb 2019 (Wednesday/Thursday)

Venue: Amity Business School, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, F-3 Block, Noida

About the Conference:

Enablement is the key to success and has been recognized so in various initial theories of management in different ways. But the concept did not get much importance when different schools of thought focusing on efficiency, gained ground in the early 20th century. Later on, with the markets becoming fiercely competitive, corporates started looking for innovations in various areas of management. While going through this process of change, organizations observed that enablement works as a catalyst for innovations. With this realization, the process of enablement started gaining ground. While enabling their people to promote innovations, organizations frequently face a contradiction. While on one hand they are under pressure to cut costs by improving efficiency, the increasing pace of change demands a focused attention on enablement and innovation on the other. Resolution of such contradictions requires ambidexterity. Ambidexterity is an essential skill for operating in diverse and dynamic environments that require different approaches to strategy formulation.

Ambidexterity is crucial for organizations in the following situations:

  • When operating in both emerging and developed markets
  • When introducing new products and technologies and exploiting the existing ones at the same time
  • When integrating start-ups into the existing business

In order to build ambidexterity, companies must understand the diversity and dynamism of their environments and accordingly choose the appropriate approach. Each approach requires a different set of organizational interventions and implies a different role for the center.

Transformational Power of Enablement

Companies with top-performing teams recognize the transformational power of enablement to stay ahead of their competitors through integration of innovation with efficiency. While there are differences between high performers and low performers, very few companies escape productivity conundrum - they all look for ways to increase revenue per person and narrow the gap between top-performers and the rest of the team. This requires a lot of enablement of the team and leaders for combining innovation and efficiency.

GLRC - 2019 focuses on the possible approaches to develop these skills in the organizations. We invite the thought provoking research papers, case studies and original articles on this theme for presentation and discussions in the Conference.