We believe that talent is God’s gift to a child which should be promoted and nurtured alongside education as it builds a stronger character and opens up prospects for them. Hence keeping in mind, the versatility of talents our students are blessed with, we have designed our various activity rooms.

Play Room- This room is designed to improve the gross motor and fine motor skills of our primary and pre-primary classes. It is carefully adorned with handpicked puzzles, building blocks and other interesting indoor games to make it a fun learning experience.

Dance Room- Wooden flooring, mirrored walls, and best music systems make this well-ventilated room a paradise for happy feet. Students look forward to their classes and are taught various dance forms by highly trained and experienced teachers.

Music Room-Music improves concentration and combats stress and anxiety which is why this beautiful room full of musical instruments offers our students a dive into the world of melodies and enhance their talents.

Theatre Room- Providing a platform to sharpen their stage presence and acting skills, this room is filled with an aura which brings out the positivity of our creative minds.

Art and Sculpture Room- The smell of clay and fresh colors makes this room feel distinctive and remarkable. Students learn various forms of painting, pottery and sculpturing under the guidance of their mentors who always open the gateway of imagination and creativity for them.