Composite Science Lab- A space designed for the holistic development of our students. The equipments are hand-picked and wisely selected keeping in mind the need of the hour. The equipments and gadgets are child-friendly and safe for our students to experiment with them. Their skills are enhanced due to their constant interactions with these specially designed kits for experiential learning.

EVS Lab- Taking the students around the world might not be possible but bringing the world to their classrooms has been made possible due to the efforts of the school authorities. The EVS lab is made with the idea of creating a unique space for inquisitive minds. The globes, maps and 3D models make learning fun and fulfilling.

Math Lab- tricks can become treats if you are well equipped with the weapon of knowledge and technology. Our Math lab is one such example for budding logical minds who love to find answers of every problem

Language Lab- The school houses a dedicated and well-equipped laboratory to make language learning an enriched experience where students have access to audio or audio-visual aids.

Computer Lab-A computer lab with best computers and internet facility provides a diligent platform for our little researchers to explore and learn about the latest techniques, software and animations under the supervision of trained professionals.