HVQ / Cultural Activities

The cultural team of ALS II aims to encourage students to hone their interests in extra-curricular and creative fields through their participation in the creative arts outside of the academic curriculum and scope. The purpose of the various cultural clubs is to provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the college community apart from inculcating in them a sense of aesthetics that they can pursue lifelong.

The Club, committee meets weekly and provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities.

The students develop and organize own clubs and have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership and decision making skills. The clubs provide a learning experience for the members as students are responsible for the organizing, funding, public relations, regulating, and scheduling activities for these clubs under the direction of the Faculty Coordinator, Ms Vaijayanti Banerjee.


  • Enhance their skills and to accentuate their understanding and learning graph.

  • To allow students of ALSII express themselves, while enlightening their peers.

  • To provide a relaxed channel for students who are inclined to share their imagination and talents.

  • To reach out to other institutes of the University through various activities and widen their spectrum.

Ensemble Club :
Focuses on Performing art activity and visual art activity. This club encourages students with an interest in performance related activities either on stage or as an off stage contributor. The club is designed to provide a venue for exploration of various aspects in the performatic forum for the exchange of ideas amongst students who share a common interest. Students who enjoy all aspects of the performing arts (singing, dancing and acting) are encouraged to join the club as they learn the skills and rehearse for each spectacular show.

The clubs encompass the following :

  • Dance Team- Astitva

  • Music Team - Iris

  • Drama Team - Darpan

  • Movie making Team

Cerebral Club :

  • Centres on literary activities.

  • Aims to broaden intellectual horizons, by promoting thoughtful reading, writing, discussion and brain-storming sessions amongst the students. The club has consistently organised debates, elocution competitions, JAMs, extempore etc, to incorporate the intellectual and creative traditions among students. The budding orators hone their skills and develop confidence. The club organizes event where all novel thoughts are flocked together.

Ingenious Club :

Includes Creative art activity and environmental activity. It focuses on the fine arts and allied art and is also responsible for the decorations and banners for all events of ALS-II.
These clubs include:
  • Glass painting

  • Face painting

  • Poster making etc.

Human Value Quarter Club (HVQ) :

Includes a mixture of all the various clubs and their activities. This club works whole year round to celebrate the birthday of Honorable chairperson Mrs. Amita Chauhan. It also carries out various different activities like visits to cow shelters, collecting donations, visits to NGO’s etc. It enhances the humanistic values and weaves the members of ALS II with other institutions by the means of diverse activities.

Photography Club :

  • Showcasing gallery

  • Photography competitions

  • Covering events that take place in institutes etc