International MED-ARB Competition

Med-Arb is a hybrid of Mediation and Arbitration. Thus subject to variations, the essence of med-arb is to allow a softer mediation process to occur first, thus taking every opportunity of achieving a resolution to a dispute which is not imposed and to which each party to the dispute subscribes voluntarily.

In this initial phase, the presiding neutral third-party acts as a mediator and coaches or encourages the parties towards a settlement taking into account the information received from both at a mediation hearing. Med-arb motivates the participants at the mediation given the shadow of the hammer of med-arb: the transformation, if mediation fails, of the process to arbitration. At that point, the presiding officer, now sitting as an arbitrator and no longer as a mediator, is enabled to proceed as if the hearing was one of arbitration and to impose a resolution, a final and binding award, generally relying on the information presented during the mediation hearing.

Amity Law School, Centre II organized its 2nd Amity National MED-ARB competition on September 3rd, 2015. The attempt of conducting the Med-Arb competition was to provide a congenial analytical platform for students to test their ability to mediate and arbitrate a legal dispute. In this endeavor of making significant contribution in the province of Law, students from different Law Colleges across the nation took part in the competition.