Message from Head of the Institution

To maintain pace with fast moving world it is necessary to be expert in specific domain area, be it academics, politics, economy, culture and science, hence law is no exception. The field of law has also undergone various radical changes over the years. In the era of globalization and world wide mega integration, competition has become global complexity where the power of knowledge will be the only tool of survival.

Considering changed global scenario and the new challenges and opportunities, the Law students need to be diligent, disciplined and dedicated. They need to be able to amalgamate the theoretical knowledge with practical applications of their learning to set global benchmarks.

To brush-up student’s  inherent leadership and prepare them, Amity Law School, Centre- II concentrates on exploring the latent talent of students and nurtures them to excel in the field of law. My best wishes for the success.

Dr. Aditya Tomer, Dy. Director