Besides theoretical knowledge, AIBAS also offers opportunities to students to inculcate practical knowledge based on hands-on experience through summer internships, field studies, experiential learning and projects.

We send AIBAS students for field training to various hospitals, counseling centres, labs and organisations working for the mental and emotional well-being of individuals. Students undertake summer training and practical exposure at these places:

  • Multispecialty hospitals and Psychiatric Centers Rehabilitation Centers
  • NGOs
  • Industries and offices/branches of Multinational Companies (MNC)
  • Counseling centers, educational institutions, training centers of international repute

AIBAS provides counseling services to fellow university students, faculty members and staff to address academic, emotional concerns and behavioural problems. All faculty members of AIBAS are equipped with counseling skills.

Fieldwork Practicum & Internship

The students of the different programs are placed for fieldwork practicum and summer internship in various reputed organization. AIBAS has collaborated with the following organisations for fieldwork and training-

  • VIMHANS, New Delhi
  • Citizen Hospital, Gurugram
  • SUDHA Society, Gurugram
  • RICO industries, Dharuhera
  • Sakshi-NGO, Delhi
  • Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi

Highlights of AIBAS

  • Curriculum: Well-designed curriculum which addresses industry requirements and future prospects of various fields of Psychology and allied sciences.
  • Field Work: The department has mandated fieldwork for all postgraduate students in reputed hospitals, industries, and Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Summer Internship: All the students, including undergraduate and postgraduate, have to undergo regular internship programs at institutions/organizations of repute.
  • Psychology Lab: Department has well-equipped Psychology lab with modern and scientific assessment tools and apparatus.
  • Scientific Research Paper: Department has mandated every student to undertake writing of research paper and rigorous and innovative research work.
  • Placement: The department has a 100 % placement record in the past. The alumni of the department are working in various reputed organizations and carrying out their studies and research in institutions of repute.

The department also offers value-added courses to its students. Some of them are -

Choice Based Credit System

Students, in undergraduate and postgraduate levels, follow Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) that provides an interdisciplinary ‘cafeteria’ approach to the students to select courses of their choice from different schools, disciplines, and programs; learn at their own pace, opt for additional courses and acquire more than the required credits. Students can obtain a major degree in Psychology and a minor in his/her chosen discipline after gaining the minimum required credits.

Behavioural Science

It prepares students to develop and demonstrate improved psychosocial and emotional skills to deal effectively in personal and professional lives. The course helps students to be mentally and emotionally healthy. The course focuses on activity-based learning as one of core principles of Psychology for personality development.

Foreign Language

The course helps students to develop the skills of accuracy and precision in language needed for assertion and proficiency in professional communication.

Communication Skills

The course helps students in developing proficiency in reading, writing and communicating in one foreign language of student’s choice. Armed with effective communication skills students feel confident for cross-cultural assignments.

Psychometric Profiling

AIBAS conducts psychometric profiling for fresher students to help them assess their strength, weakness and virtues. It also helps them to seek ways to work on improving themselves every day and collaborate with people effectively.

Research Publication

Being a research-driven university, AIBAS endeavours to develop skills needed to conduct high-quality research and publish papers in journals of repute. All AIBAS students participate in a research-based activity supervised by experienced faculty members.