Amity School of Liberal Arts & Foreign Languages (ASLA & FL), under the Faculty of Arts, a part of Amity University Haryana, Gurugram was established under Haryana Act 10 of 2010. Amity School of Liberal Arts & Foreign Languages (ASLA & FL) is a leading institute with a venerable legacy and international acclaim for highest academic standards, diverse educational programmes, distinguished faculty, illustrious alumni, varied co-curricular activities and modern infrastructure. Over eight years of its existence, ASLA & FL has sustained the highest global standards and best practices in higher education. Its long-term commitment to nation building and unflinching adherence to universal human values are reflected in its motto to be a world class centre of creativity and innovation and to contribute to the progress of humanity through excellence in education, industry and society relevant research and extension services.


Amity School of Liberal Arts & Foreign Languages (ASLA & FL) is located in the sprawling campus of Amity University Haryana, Gurugram and is one of the leading academic unit in the university. It offers UGC recognized courses like B.A. (Hons.) programme in English, History, Political Science, French, German and Spanish languages and value added courses in other European and Asian languages such as Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Hindi. The institute also offers post graduate and Ph.D programs in English, History and Applied Linguistics & TESOL.

Multilingualism has gained tremendous significance in a world which has become a global village. Language is a tool to articulate our thoughts and it enables us to function in the fast-paced communicative world. With robust scientific, technological, commercial and cultural exchange, knowledge of foreign languages has become an essential qualification. Aiming to strengthen the multi-lingual capacities of Amitians. ASLA & FL offers programs in different languages. The well-designed academic curriculum, modules for foreign languages, and innovative pedagogy nurture budding language learners as well as bridge the barriers between people from different culture and nationalities.

Why learn a foreign language?


Learning a foreign language is a tool to know other cultures, traditions, and life styles which in turn help students to carve a career in travel and tourism, diplomatic assignments, academia, publication, journalism, research studies and so on.

Mastering a foreign language is an additional advantage for professionals and help people to create more business and work opportunities. Mastering a foreign language improves communication skills, broaden perspective and open more global avenues for students. Students learn about films, music, arts, literature, performing arts and sports of different cultures, thus creating an inclusive society that works on a collaborative approach and contribute towards nation-building.


ASLA & FL is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms with audio-visual aids which enhances the language learning/cognitive ability of students. ASLA & FL has faculty members with sound academic qualifications and teaching experiences. The department follows Common European Framework of Reference for European languages, HSK for Chinese, TOPIK for Korean language and JLPT for Japanese language.

The students are encouraged to participate in various academic and cultural programmes in their respective foreign languages to further enhance their language learning capacity. The department has also signed an memorandum of understanding (MoU) with several foreign universities for students exchange programmes and academic collaborations in joint research, seminars, conferences and cultural programmes.

Drawing students and faculty members  from across India and abroad, the institute has emerged as a symbol of excellence, integrity and openness of mansa (thought), vaacha (speech) and karmana (action).There are  three departments namely  English , Political Science and  History  and three  centres (Centre for Linguistic Studies, Sanskrit and  Indic Studies, and Performing Arts). These departments and  centres have carved a niche for themselves as centres of excellence in teaching and research in their respective areas. Besides these departments and centres, the institute also offers a range of value added courses such as Political Studies, Tagore Studies, Physical Education, Sanskrit and Performing Arts.

ASLA & FL placements have always been fairly well, the institute provides recruiters with an option to choose from a large pool of prospective candidates. Most of the students got placed with top recruiters such as Times of India, Mobikwik, Government Universities, Colleges, and Schools, Amazon, Lazoi, Glovision Media Pvt. Ltd. and have done internships at UAS International, Election Commission, and many more. The focus is on promoting talent and making students aware of their self worth and capabilities.