Apart from the clubs of the university, Amity School of Liberal Arts & Foreign Languages has formed clubs to ensure the overall development of the students.


Cine Club

The club screens foreign language movies on regular intervals. This not only helps the students in understanding the diction of the native speakers but also provides them a peek into the culture of the countries giving a holistic approach of understanding the language and the culture.

Drama Club

ASLA & FL has a drama club of its own. Workshops in theatrics are arranged for the students. The faculty members are also welcome to attend the workshop. The end result of the workshops culminates in a play performed by the students in the language they learn.


K-Pop Club

This club is dedicated to the Korean language learners. The club members are encouraged to practice in their free lectures and post the college timing for Korean dance, music and other art forms. They are encouraged to make a presentation once a month.

Other University Clubs





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