22 Nov 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar)

A guest lecture on Personal Branding and Leadership Effectiveness by CRC.

A guest lecture on Personal Branding and Leadership Effectiveness

 Corporate Resource Centre (CRC), Amity University Gurugram organised a Corporate Guest Lecture Series on 22nd November 2023. A guest lecture was orchestrated to familiarize students with the rich learning and experiences of industry champions. The aim was for students to take away best practices and implement them in their day-to-day lives. The event was coordinated by Mr. Ankur Gupta (Deputy Director- Corporate Resource Centre).


Ms. Simi Choudary from Sutherland Global, a speaker representing a large organization with over 100,000 global employees (22,000 in India), conducted a guest lecture on Personal Branding and Leadership Effectiveness. She is a certified MBTi and Hogan which deals with senior leadership assessment and transformational journey of an organisation. She had chosen the topic of Personal Branding and Leadership affectiveness and shared her life experiences with the students. She touched upon the parameter of effective leadership and personal branching and how to acquire emotional quotient which required to become effective and efficient leader. During the session, students engaged in meaningful interaction, with the speaker effectively addressing doubts and the speaker bestowed with amity memento by Mr. Manoj Sahan Director CRC and Mr. Ankur Gupta Deputy Director CRC as token of goodwill gesture.


In conclusion, the guest lecture provided with valuable insights into Personal Branding and Leadership Effectiveness. The interactive session allowed students to clarify doubts, fostering a meaningful exchange. The event not only enriched their understanding but also highlighted the significance of continuous learning from industry leaders.

Corporate Guest Lecture Series.