05 Feb 2024|Gurgaon (Manesar)

‘Men Too’ NukkadNatak Organised by Ek AWAZ

 Amity University Haryana hosted the "Men Too" NukkadNatak event on February 5th, 2024, organized by EkAwaaz, with a focus on addressing men's issues. Despite limited faculty participation, 26 students from various courses actively engaged in the event. Led by Ms. Kristi Kaushik, Assistant Director of EkAwaaz, the event was efficiently coordinated, ensuring its success.
While the report lacks specific achievements, the event aimed to foster academia and industry connections, societal outreach, and enhance student learning and grooming. Despite the absence of outlined outcomes, the "Men Too" NukkadNatak event effectively sparked discussions and raised awareness about pertinent societal issues.
Moving forward, there is an opportunity to further explore collaborations and initiatives to address men's issues and promote gender equality within the university community and beyond. Despite the lack of outlined achievements, the "Men Too" NukkadNatak event demonstrated Amity University Haryana's commitment to fostering awareness and encouraging dialogue on important societal issues.