13 Mar 2024|Gurgaon (Manesar)

A Student Activity by ASL on March 13, 2024

 Amity School of Languages, in collaboration with the Russian Embassy in India, celebrated the Russian Folk fest "Maslenitsa" on March 13, 2024, at Amity University Haryana. The main purpose of the event was to promote the Russian language and give the students a feel of Russian culture.

The primary aim of the event was to promote the Russian language and immerse students in Russian culture. The Russian delegates, adorned in traditional attire, organized various engaging activities that were highly enjoyed by AUH students. This successful collaboration paves the way for future events aimed at fostering cultural exchange and language appreciation.

In conclusion, the event not only provided students with a glimpse into Russian traditions but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and goodwill between AUH and the Russian Embassy. This occasion marked a significant step towards enhancing cultural understanding and strengthening international ties.