Faculty Achievement

Ms. Twinkle Rastogi

(Assistant Prof.) - Best Faculty Award by Dainik Bhaskar

Ms. Twinkle Rastogi

Tattva-Development of a print design inspired from the painting of artist SH.Raza titled ‘Surya Namaskar’

Ms. Twinkle Rastogi

Thaari 01: Development of a Print Design

Ms. Shweta Singh

Motif on Life Circle Infused by Elements of Warli and Mandala Art

Ms. Shweta Singh

Robe Design

Ms. Shweta Singh & Ms. Anshu Singhal

The Rainy Peacock Feather: Roots to Humanity

Ms. Anshu Singh Choudhary, Ms. Shweta Singh & Ms. Anshu Singhal

Cover Page of Fashion Scape Newsletter

Ms. Vidhu Gupta

Chowk Purna: The Motif

Ms. Shweta Singh & Ms. Anshu Singhal

Tie: Society of Threads

Student Achievement

Kids Fashion Show judged by final year students in Rishi Galav Public School, Gwalior

Appreciation letter to final year students by KVS Ziet for Assisting in workshop on Tie and dye

Launched own label 'KC'- Men's & Women's Designer Clothing by Ms. Kaninika Chauhan, B.Sc (Fashion Design), 2014-2017

Make-up Studio Start-up by Ms. Priya Jain, B.Des (Fashion Design), 2016-2020

Belleza- The Fashion Dazzle award 2021 to Ms. Harshita Chhabra, B.Des (Fashion Design), 2017-2021

6. National level Indian Art Context Award 2021 to Ms. Disha Bhadouria, B.Des (Fashion Design), 2018-2022